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    United away

    Left high and dry by same guy that left a load of us stranded for Madrid match and had paid for 4 tickets for Derby match too. Need 2, 3 or 4 tickets please, if anybody has a few they want to sell together. Thanks
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    Madrid away.

    ***Bump up***
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    Madrid away.

    Just been let down for 2 tickets by regular guy on this site. Paid money 6 weeks ago and today find out he's been let down. Devastated. Flights/hotels all match tickets as it stands. Please PM if you can help - can arrange pick-up in Manchester today, in Madrid tomorrow or outside the...
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    Villa away

    Exiled Blue from Manchester, now living in Birmingham. Travel up for every home game in ALL comps, plus away games incl Champions League ties, but narrowly missed out on points for tickets for game which is 10 mins away from me. Looking for 1 adult and 1 junior or 2 adults, but will take 3 if...
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