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    Jim Beglin commenting "Emptyhad" on Live TV | City lodge complaint (pg 38)

    Yeah maybe I was too upset to hear it from a commentator I just wanted to share it! True he is not worth a thread or time.
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    Jim Beglin commenting "Emptyhad" on Live TV | City lodge complaint (pg 38)

    It was caught by many in the first half Jim Beglin called our stadium the 'Emptyhad' then corrected it and said the Etihad! Cheeky or not this is another low from the media!
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    The Title Race | How many points to win the league?

    Liverpool still has 54 points to play for. If we win 10 of the remaining 16 matches we have, we will be at 86 points. I believe it will be enough to win the league. Honestly I don't see us dropping much points but anything can happen.
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    Chelsea (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Can we start the... how many points to win the league!!! We bossed them! Sterling was amazing, he belongs on the right side. Foden needs one more week to get back to full fitness. Grealish is still learning but he will come good. Welldone boys!! Next 3 games are winnable! so lets keep the ball...
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    Mohamed Salah

    There is no way on earth that Salah will leave Liverpool to come to us! If he ever leaves Liverpool it will be to go to Spain In any case I believe he will renew with Liverpool very soon
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    Chelsea (H) - Sat 15th Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    I am happy with this cause most of our players will be just about coming back from COVID. But a win for us will be even sweeter!
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    Reasons they hate us

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    Were we lucky not to have any of our games postponed?

    Looking at how many games got postponed over the holidays due to Covid and other issues, I feel we benefited from not having any of our games postponed and scored full marks in all our games. This will pile pressure on the other teams as they have to squeeze more games into their calendar. Now...
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    Best Goal Line Clearance, Aké or Stones?

    Stones for sure! I think also Walker had a goal line clearance that he did with a karate move :)
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    Arsenal (A) - Post-Match Thread

    I don't get this "we didn't deserve to win" that we are getting blasted with. Yes we were shit and maybe even there for the taking. Arsenal could have ended the game in the first half and even in the beginning of the second half. We didn't give away a penalty! Xhaka did. We didn't have one of...
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City (01/01/22)

    Rodri is not ready. He has been out of position many times. Ake is struggling against Saka. We need Walker's pace and Rodri needs to get back into his proper position! We are too open in the middle and passes are just going through us easily! We need Gundo to support Rodri
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    Arsenal (A) - Sat 1st Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    No no no!!! I want us to win this game and be 11 points clear before the Chelsea - Liverpool Game!
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    Arsenal (A) - Sat 1st Jan, 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Excellent lineup!!! Great to see Rodri back! Come on CITY!
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