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    Match Thread | Man City vs Crystal Palace (17/01/21)

    Jesus needs 10 games for a goal. He needs to catch momentum somehow...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Crystal Palace (17/01/21)

    The resurrection of Stones is the surprise of the season. Was sure Txiki will sell him for like 8m pounds...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Crystal Palace (17/01/21)

    Shoot KDB!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Crystal Palace (17/01/21)

    Must win game after the Pool-United draw. Must win game anyway lol. Up the tempo and scare them, but to be honest Sterling and Jesus are not scaring defences that much anymore especially Jesus.
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    Premier League games 16/17/18 January

    Strange that same WBA player took both pens and scored both. Hard to imagine City having awarded two pens in one game but even less likely that same player would score both. More likely we would miss both.
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    Gabriel Jesus - 2020/21 Performances

    Hope he catches some momentum and gains some confidence with it because if he does not he wont even hit 10 goals in this season. He is on 4 goals now, 2 PL, 1 Carabao, 1 CL. Missed a lot of games too due to injury/covid.
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    Crystal Palace (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Good hing they play tomorrow vs Arsenal away, 1 day less to relax for them. Hope Arteta wears them down enough. Really hope Jesus will start scoring because he really looks like he can go dozens of games without a goal.
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    Penalty Taker

    Out of the ones we missed many was not even on target. KDB vs Liverpool earlier or this one from Sterling and we had couple more. We dont even make heroes of the GK we flat out miss the big fucking goal from 11 metres/12 yards.
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    Liverpool vs United - what result suits us best?

    I want 3 red cards each, a huge racist incident causing 8 game ban for Robertson lol, and 3 big VAR mistakes all favouring United and a 0-0 result.
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    Brighton (h) post-match thread

    3 points and another clean sheet, but chances needs to be converted at a better rate and penalties need to practiced so much more on trainings. Gundogan has to take them if he is on. Never trust Sterling in clear chances and pen is as clear chance as it gets usually. Nice goal by Foden, clever...
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    Penalty Taker

    Who approved Sterling to take it? Gundogan was there, he should have the pens assigned to.
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    No sign of this saga will be decided in January by Messi signing a pre-contract to any club. Have a felling this is all to do with the new Barca president coming in soon and checking out his offer first. Elections in two weeks time. Whoever is the new president they dont want to start with...
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    When it comes to selling players nothing surprises me anymore regarding selling fees. often I feel we want to make huge favours for the buying clubs that they would never in hell get at other clubs. What did we profit from being stubborn with Sane and Garcia? Apart from losing a lot of money...
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    COVID Watch

    Marine-Spurs match, no social distancing here lol:
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    Birmingham City (H) - FA Cup R3 | Pre-Match Thread

    How Harwood-Bellis and Delap doesnt get a start in this is unreal. If they dont start this then chances are next round if we advance we get tougher opponents, probably PL clubs, even less likely for youth players to feature. I assume next time we see them will be 2021 summer pre season games...
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