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    There are some crackers here!!

    lampard and henry win it haha
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    Bit of fun

    keeps pressing submit!!! lol
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    Bit of fun

    hopefully before i go to work!!!!! 8am
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    i hate darius vassell

    my grandma can do better crosses then him
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    well that's hughes gone...

    i want him gone i cant believe what crap im watching
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    What is best Area in COMS ?

    i sit colin bell stand, 3 tier, 4 rows from the back... its only ever been good up there mainly derbys days or a full house good view but the players look like there subbuteo
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    Lawro reckons................

    i reckon we will do them over with a comfortable win
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    Free Live Stream - Santander v City (UPDATED LINKS ADDED)

    cheers shady was wondering why it wasnt in the main forum
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    the killers - human... and the rest of the songs on there album
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