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    Words and phrases you don't hear any more.

    Whoops a daisy its snowing in Paris its tippling down
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    Rock the CAS BAR

    ‘The G14 don’t like it....Rock the time bar, Rock the time bar.
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    The Helmet Rides Again - free fanzine download (page 5)

    Any day now I shall be released.
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    Saddest songs.

    This is Nina Simone’s version of ‘Black is the colour’ which is usually associated with Christy Moore. She had a great voice.
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    Saddest songs.

    This just gets me every time. Colin Hay (men at work) Maggie.
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    COVID comedy thread?

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    Folk Music the spinners

    I saw them at the Mersey on Princess Parkway. Loved this sketch by Russ Abbot
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    Old Songs

    A different take on the Christy Moore version.
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    Arsenal (h) - Confirmed next Wednesday 11th March 19:30

    Heads up if you can no longer go, you have to cancel by 5.00pm tonight!
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    House of the Rising Sun / Animals

    Great watch, thanks for the heads up.
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Do these hacked emails still exist somewhere? Maybe still with Der Spiegel? I’m wondering if ‘stuff’ exists on other clubs and who, if anyone, is looking through them all.
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    Match Thread | Burnley vs Man City (03/12/19)

    did you know you can have just the crowd noise and no commentary. I like it.
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    TV Series

    I don’t why some studio doesn’t collaborate with Jeff Wayne to make an authentic portrayal of the story Interspersed with the music from the first album and Richard Burton’s voice as the narrator.
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    Before we play Liverpool

    Defo for Bernardo to be suspended Also, after the Son tackle, I think the game will see a red card for any ‘iffy’ tackles by a City player. Especially Fernandinho.
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    Learning the Guitar

    I had my first lessons at 64. This was a ‘one on one’ lesson with a teacher who builds his lessons around your type of musical interest and what you want to achieve. I have relatively small hands and couldn’t wrap my thumb over like ‘Jimmy’ if I wanted to so as well as a good teacher, you need a...
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