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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    Dias binned his missus for coming between him and his career He should get into Bernardos ribs to do the same
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    The Boxing thread

    Joshua absolutely bang average, lovely to see him shown up. Got where he is on a mixture of managing who he faces and hyped up marketing. Usyk and Fury in a different galaxy to him technically, reckon Wilder would KO him too.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Excellent stuff, blueprint for the big games false 9 worked well Ferran in as the 9 for teams lower down the league
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    Chelsea PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Bernardo, up with his very very best performances
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    Match Thread | Chelsea vs Man City (25/09/21)

    Need Jesus off for Mahrez if we are going to break this lot down
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    Blue Pubs In Town

    Was in Bar Eight last night in Castlefield, they have a screen outside showing the football which is always a bonus
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Personally for me it’s like this It takes too long getting in Takes far too long getting a drink before the game (miss the beginning of the game and no atmosphere on the concourse) Takes far too long getting a drink at half time (miss the beggining of second half, no atmosphere on concourse)...
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    I have access to a skygo and bt sport account IPTV too far behind for games that are on TV in the UK
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    Blue Pubs In Town

    Brickhouse Social probably best over that side others round that end footage Courtyard Generation x bar Personally I’d get over to NQ and watch it in Pie and Ale though
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    I generally leave it late and get an uber from Ancoats to the ground, squeeze an extra pint in. Got the tram once on a night game, never again.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Finding virtually all of the models are bascially meaningless now, think the Gov are too tbh, we are “fully open” and cases have been largely steady since, which none of the advisory comitees said would be the case. Nobody putting them out seems to be able to get a decent handle on how...
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    #7 | Raheem Sterling - 2021/22 Performances

    Used to be a real fan but deary me what has happened to him. He needs a fresh start I think. Certainly wouldn’t be giving him a new contract. His was always erratic with his finishing, but it’s getting worse every week.
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    Wycombe (H) - EFL Cup R3 | Post-Match Thread

    Jesus christ Sterling in the first half, some of the shots he shanked. Schoolboy stuff
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    We are only giving single dose to U16’s I believe, to reduce the risk of Myocarditis, so we are definitely following a different path everywhere else is doing 2 aren’t they? edit: hope she’s alright asap
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    What car do you drive?

    A5 at the minute will be sticking with Audi again next time though possibly Q3 Sportback
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