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    Equity release

    You find out in ten to twenty years…
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    Liverpool Thread - 2022/23

    Oh yes it is
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    Cars you missed out on ( with added upper case letters )

    Citroen DS Renault Avantime
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    He can be deselected by his party and thus force an election,
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    Something strange about COVID and COVID Vaccinated Countries.

    This bot needs to work on its English…
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    Formula 1 2022

    It’s pissing down - far more interesting than a sprint!
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    cars you have had you were told were good and cars you have had you were told were good but weren't

    Good Ford Escort 1 Renault 5 Fiat Cinquecento Dacia Duster Bad Ford Orion Austin Princess Ford Sierra VW Beetle
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    Back pain/sciatica

    Not my experience. When my hip needed doing the GP wanted to carry on using pain relief. I asked for a private consultation. Cost £200, was seen in a week. Consultant laughed at GP’s recommendation and said I clearly needed a new hip. Got me done on the NHS at the Spire private hospital in...
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    Wasting money on expensive items

    No matter how expensive the pen, it still produces shite.
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    I am very puzzled and quite frankly slightly hurt.

    Say it out loud FOC and proud.
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    Do you support the RMT

    Nail on head
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    Epstein / Prince Andrew / Maxwell

    The judge made quite a point of the lack of contrition.
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    Epstein / Prince Andrew / Maxwell

    Doesn’t stop criminal proceedings if prosecutors think they have enough evidence
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    Wasting money on expensive items

    Most of us don’t wear spats, tail coats and capes.
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    NHS & Specsavers.

    Last November Specsavers found a macular hole in my retina. They referred me to Manchester eye hospital for a second opinion. I’m still waiting…
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