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    Title Race 2020/21

    Really . Watch City next season.
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    United thread 2020/21

    And noodle sales. Don’t forget noodle sales.
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    What do you call ...them

    Always have been Always will be SCUM
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    NHS being recommended 1% pay rise

    Now he’s fucking Nostradamus.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Purely voluntary tests that in Kent haven’t got more than 35% permission of parents to conduct?
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    Holiday advice

    Good luck on the 737 max. Ryanair are Boeing’s biggest customer for them.
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    Cadbury Chocolate

    Another company that sold its soul for Yankee gold.
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    Covid Vaccine Thread

    This site regularly updates and collates the reported reactions to both Pfizer and AZ vaccinations.
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    Cycling Advice

    Lucca! It’s a 40 minute walk!
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    Winning the treble/quad with no fans in the stadium.

    Th3 most important trophy is the title. Let’s get that over the line. Not least because it’ll mean LiVARpool will end up doing a belated bus tour with a cardboard replica covered in bacofoil...
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    Red Wine can it be good for you ?

    No just what docs say. Mind you I’m on my second pint of lager with a double JD chaser!
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    Gough’s purpose in life is to make Flintoff look like an intellectual.
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    Red Wine can it be good for you ?

    A single small glass of red a day is good for you.
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    Fuck me, you mean they vet their clientele!
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