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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Gaz Drinkwater is the guy on Talking Balls and really does talk balls about United, I remember when they signed Ronaldo he was on about how they ere going to win the Champions League and the Prem this season. He really is a Clown, fortunately Natalie Pike does a good job in standing up for...
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    Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread

    Great Team performance, Dias what a signing he has been, certainly future Captain, I do not mind admitting at the final whistle I had a tear in my eye.
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    Zabaleta announces his retirement.

    All the Best Zaba, thank you for the great memories.
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    Earliest City match attended by a forum member

    That was the first City game (League ) I went to, the crowd I am pretty sure 8015, like you say Buzzer scored and we got beat 2 -1, I got used to us losing, Boy how times have changed.
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    Leicester City (H) - Pre-Match Thread

    Which Channel is this match on in the USA , please TIA
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    1969 FA Cup Final - 50 years ago today! (26/4)

    I was 18 first trip to Wembley, no ticket I am sure I paid a fiver for a 12 shilling 6 pence ticket in the City end behind the goal, Great Day. One thing I do remember was how disappointed I was walking down Wembley Way looking at the state of the Wembley so dull and dreary.
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    Spurs - CL 2nd Leg - Pre Match Thread

    He was training today laughing and smiling, I think he will play.
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    Newport (a) pre match thread

    Very Strong Team
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    Which game have you enjoyed watching the most this season?

    Chelsea away for me, I realised we had a very special team, I was watching in a bar in Spain and when Kevin scored I jumped out of seat, we have seen many other great performances this season but game stands out.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    a) because he SHOUTS. You could probably hear him back in Manchester, and b) he's SHITE, and shouldn't have the "gig" anyway. The fella is a fool, when he's doing rugby commentarys. Why should City fans put up with a Bolton fan commentating on City games. Shitty end of the stick. Could not...
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    Matchday Vlog from City at Wembley

    Brilliant, Thank you
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    Man of the Match - Carabao Cup Final

    I was so happy for him after all he has gone thru
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    Carabao Cup Final pre-match thread

    Will they have trained today ?
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    Carabao Cup Final pre-match thread

    So he has given Wenger 24 hours to readjust his plans for facing Raz rather than 1 hour before kick off, words fail me. Bernardo will I presume take his place
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    Gabriel Jesus return from injury

    I hope so, great player and would run Arse ragged.
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