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    100 Points Club

    Among Liverpool's numerous losses this season don't forget the 5-0 loss to Aston Villa in the League Cup.
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    Why we will win the league!

    CHAMPIONS ! CHAMPIONS! City complete the two greatest seasons in the history of the English top league and smash countless records in the process! The greatest English team of all time!
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    Leicester (H) Post Match Thread.

    Now this is entertainment!!!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Leicester (06/05/19)

    THIS is why we love football! This is why we love City!! This is why we love Kompany!!!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Leicester (06/05/19)

    Still plenty of time for City to score!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Leicester (06/05/19)

    Stay Calm - City to win 2 - 0!!
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    Burnley (A) Post Match Thread

    “Small side” yes BUT skill, speed & smarts always wins!!! Congratulations City!! Two to go for back to back titles!! Three for the historic treble!!!
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    Burnley (a) pre-match thread

    City to win 4-0!
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    Burnley (a) pre-match thread

    This Burnley side is poor and will resort to parking the bus and time wasting from the start. Burnley received a yellow card for time wasting against Chelsea in the 32nd minute of the first half! Chelsea should have easily beaten Burnley last week. Unlike Chelsea, City are clinical in the final...
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    Man of the Match - Manchester United (a)

    Bernardo was brilliant!!!
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    Hooray to Bernardo for scoring the game winner!!!! 3 more to go City!!!
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    Great job by City! 3 to go!!!
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (24/04/19)

    Another year and no Premier League title for Liverpool! Go City!!!
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (24/04/19)

    No worries City to score more!
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    Manchester United (A) - Pre Match Thread

    So excited for today! City to win 4-0!!!!
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