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    Title Race 2020/21

    Its only 10 points... - Newcastle threw more than that away under KK - Rags threw 8 away in 2012 - Dippers threw similar away in 2014 Race not finished yet
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    Everton (A) Post Match Thread

    We only really had that one dodgy moment all game, and it resulted in a goal for them off w*nker Richarlison's arse
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    Charging kids board

    I was being charged £75 a month when I was 21. . . that was in 1986!!!! This lad's on a cushy deal. But having said that we've never charged either of ours rent when they've been back at home for 6 month spells since they left home. And like the poster above said, our house is their home...
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    Commentary vs Everton (vs Arsenal pg12)

    Ally McCoist was a bit of a laugh indeed
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    Breaking records/stats thread

    I would have thought it's possible, just - currently we're a net 10 points in front of the rags/leicester who currently can both only get to 88 points. The record is 7 games is it not? the only record the scousers got last year. To match that if we won the next 8 games (leaving 7 to go) we...
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    Greatest Opening Lyric Of Any Song

    "Is this the real life, is this just fantasy..." (sorry if this is a repeat!)
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    Buying a car during lockdown

    no dealer would only offer £12k - so WBAC'ed it for the £15,500
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    Yep - one twat I used to work and am still in contact with (who actually flipped from the Rags to Dippers, can you believe it? though he does come from 6-finger-central Barrow-on-Furness to be fair) posted photos and shit from the three games at klanfield he got to in that Tier 2 nonsence period
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    Fireworks masterstroke

    I thought the bindipper fans were attacking the City bus during the game to be honest!?
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    Sure its been mentioned already on this thread, but Phil Foden was f*king awesome tonight and his goal has got "Goal of the Season" wrote all over it already!
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    Buying a car during lockdown

    As it happened the truck I got £15,500 for turned up on the forecourt of a dealer in Oxfordshire this week - for £18,750 AND its reserved already before any pictures have made it on to autotrader - so there will be about £3,200 to be shared between WBAC and the dealer who bought it and the...
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    Post a sad story in only three words

    covid impacted world...
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    VAR - 2020/21

    why is that liner miles in front of the line of the last man? shocking placement!
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    When is it the correct time to put a Dog to sleep

    We lost our Shitzhu at the beginning of December - end of August we noticed a tiny lump in his neck and it was confirmed a week later as cancer :-( poor little bugger wasn't even 7 years old - vets said any chance of stopping it were basically zero as they reckoned it was already in his lymph...
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    Buying a car during lockdown

    You can't beat doing the new car thing at a dealer - one thing for certain there won't be anything ugly hiding. The only thing to watch (which won't apply to the OP) is any trade in shenanigans - new car dealers are not interested and give you bottom dollar I ordered a new Land Rover between...
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