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    The most beautiful woman in the world of music

    Before she became a tattooed skank....
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    Songs that actually tell a story

    all 14 glorious minutes of this... I used to be able to get from our house in Cheadle Hulme to work in Ashton Under Lyne in the morning on just this one song back in the early 80's - and the motorway finished in Stockport back then!
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    Chadwick Boseman Dies from Colon Cancer Aged 43

    I have literally no idea who this guy is - sad for him and his family but as far as I can see he starred in one the Marvel fantasy sh*te films and thats it.... WTF is it this the end of the world if you believe the TV News?
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    Will Pep extend his contract?

    Celtic is his level. So he'd do all right in the third tier then!
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    Jordan Henderson wins FWA Footballer of the Year

    Football Writers = "hacks trying to sell newspapers" -> why the f*** do they even have an award that anyone would care about? Its like asking the unions to recommand a party to vote for...
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    It was my understanding that City have declared that they ARE happy for the full details to be made public
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    How much is enough?

    I'm even considering next season going even if I can't get in the ground - both in Madrid and Milan this season I didn't manage 90 minutes in the ground but both evenings were f*cking awesome anyway
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    How much is enough?

    the answer will very much be related to how large your mortgage/rent is and how many mouths/wives you have to feed - and more importantly of course, how many european away trips you want to go on!
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    nope. both fridges and both freezers full'ish. as is the beer stash.
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (07/01/20)

    Presumably the VAR is going to be subbed off for the second half?
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (07/01/20)

    probably already started
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (07/01/20)

    I've just been for an enormous number 2 - have I missed anything? is it still nil nil?
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (07/01/20)

    thank you - will someone be good enough to post when there's a goal?
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