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    arsenal game thread.

    I am much more confident about us winning on Sunday than I was for the Stoke game. If we win this game I believe we will go on to win the title.
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    Brock Lesnar is back in the ring.

    There is 1 reason that the crowd was crazy last night and it's because it was the same WRESTLEMANIA crowd from the night before. The hardcore wrestling fans who come from all over the world to watch not the casual fan who WONT EVEN KNOW WHO BROCK IS. Next Raw episode the crowd will be back to...
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    X-Factor 2011

    Yes I do enjoy the over the top shouty singing, good stuff. Oh and the out of time rapping was something else.
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    X-Factor 2011

    She seems to be another Cher Lloyd.
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    X-Factor 2011

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    City Vs Wigan In Match Discussion thread

    Amazing stuff from Silva and a great finish from Aguero. Brilliant hat trick Aguero, such incredible players.
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    City Vs Wigan In Match Discussion thread

    Good move to bring on Nasri and it pays off straight away. Good goal from Sergio.
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    City Vs Wigan In Match Discussion thread

    Great save from Hart.
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    City Vs Wigan In Match Discussion thread

    Great start by City. Some great play from the fowards but Tevez needs to stop taking penalties. There must be a better penalty taker in the squad.
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    Is the Scottish Prem better than Macedonia's bottom division

    Yes obviously. They could beat Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Villa etc. In reality they would struggle against Swansea and QPR.
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    Jonathan Ross

    I liked the Johnathon Ross show. This is exactly the same except there is now a background of London.....
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    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Woah that's not very nice, seeing as nearly everyone has agreed the thread seems to show the general opinion. Adele is fitter than Sarah. Do you agree?
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    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Indeed she looks quite bad. Her hair??????
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    Worst film you have ever had the misfortune of seeing.

    Eyes Wide Shut, what a terrible film. The only good thing about it is Nicole Kidman. (not her acting) It seems to be on ITV 2 every few weeks and the music is annoying.
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    Spurs fans...

    I agree. Modric is overated and is IMO not as good as Silva or Nasri. (I would have said this before he came to City, when he was still playing for Arsenal.) £40million for Modric would have been a complete rip off.
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