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    Burak Yilmaz

    did Chelsea not have a bid of over £20m turned down for him in January??? maybe wrong but pretty sure it was this guy they bid for!
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    A song for Fernandinho

    absolutely this one.....may help big Yaya get over the loss of his bro!!!!
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    Wanyama for City,why not.

    due to our lack of post xmas european footy, two glaswegian friends took me to the Juventus Celtic game and he looked completely out of his depth, gave the ball away far too much, and he was completely outplayed and out thought by the Juve midfielders. may be being a bit harsh, but he's miles...
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    Ferguson **Confirmed Retired** (merged)

    Re: Slurgie **Confirmed Retired** (merged) on a day full of smiles, this has made me chuckle even more!
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    The Relegated Escape List

    Suk Young would be an ideal signing for the Rags....sure Kevin Webster would love him at his club!!!
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    Awful songs

    no porkies it is the group of braindeads sat to the left of me in lad went crackers at them telling them that people died and it soon calmed down after but they had been singing it for the majority of the game!
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    What has happened to our defence ?!!

    this is exactly what the three or four of us in 117 who were left were saying!
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    What has happened to our defence ?!!

    Re: What has happened to our defense ?!! this!!!! he's chopping and changing the back four/three/five every single game and quite simply they arent gonna get on the same song sheet until they're playing together week in week out. on tuesday he should have played a completely changed back four...
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    Premier League FFP proposals (merged)

    Re: Rags want a Premier League FFP!!! forgot how much dave whelan bends over and lubes up for the p#sshead!!!!<br /><br />-- Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:41 am --<br /><br /> about a years salary for van persie!
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    Premier League FFP proposals (merged)

    Rags want a Premier League FFP!!! MANCHESTER UNITED are set to square up to arch rivals City in a bid to clip their wings using Financial Fair Play guidelines. Premier League chairmen will meet today to consider a range of potential financial controls to limit spending by top-flight clubs that...
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    Kolo Toure to Galatasaray

    if saturday's performance is anything to go by i'd drive him to istanbul....absolute garbage and if it hadn't been for vinny covering so quickly he could have cost us 3 points!!!
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    David Villa

    reports of a 40-50m bid for a 30 year old coming straight out of talkshite towers???!!!! be amazed if there are any legs in it!
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    David Villa

    just heard this myself....surely can't be true????
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    Lucas Biglia

    he had a nasty injury last season at Anderlecht....which apparently scuppered his move to l'arse!
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    Thorgan Hazard joins Chelsea

    Not just you, all over france he's more highly thought of than eden was at his age! just remains to be seen whether the bright lights of darn sarf will distract him?
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