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    EFL Cup 20/ Jan 22 ( Ars v Liv )

    Great to see that our last 4 league cup wins might finally mean something
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16 January 22

    Burnley looking to get there game vs Watford postponed as expected. That will be 5 games in hand for them, maybe they hopong Andy Horsebox Carrol will be on for the games in hand
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    Balloon Wavers

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    The Many Saints Of Newark...

    It was shite and young Tony is an absolute drip
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Chelsea (15/01/22)

    Miricale if Chelsea get anything out of this
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Ques look mental watching on BT, arial shot, 10 nins before kick off
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    Vaccination Passport | Fans will be denied entry without valid NHS pass

    Ques look mental watching on BT, arial shot
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    TV Series

    Afterlife season 3 not as good as first 2 but still some very funny scenes, old school comedy with some silly politicaly incorrect (for these times) gags which is well needed
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    Meh, Done it 5 times mate
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    Please select an image

    Whats taking you so long?
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    Ronnie Spector RIP

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    Sauvage How Much?!?!

    Theres a brand called essens thats do a clone that smells just like it, and lasts all day, for 20quid- you just just need to put a little bit of work in to get it, sign up to website, download the brochure and find the one with the code for Savuage and then find it on site to add to cart
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    Young Philip W Foden on Balotelli

    Still more or less has same haircut
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    Blue Moon Top 100 Bands Artists - Full List of Artists (pg 287)

    I do but I think many a person has listened to them to death, its hard to casually like them I think, agree the new documentary may have helped however
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