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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Let me guess who you are replying to ;-)
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    Israel & the UAE diplomatic agreement

    Not starting a huge debate but nobody is occupied
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    Constant Privacy Pop-up.

    Just started happening with me. Always used to pop up first time logged in but now it's happening every time I go to a new page or thread, very annoying. Using Google chrome
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    That's only to avoid the bailiffs ;-)
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    Which 3 of the hateful8 would you have relegated.

    Scum, murderers and Arse
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    we have 40k season card holders so it will be impossible for everyone to get in
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    Israel & the UAE diplomatic agreement This is a real wow moment except for the likes of Jeremy Corbyn
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    I suspect it is like the reaction on here when we aren't beating Lyon by five goals after half an hour. One reason to avoid social media...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    But I assume if people stayed indoors and kept socially distanced etc then it might not spread as quickly. The weather we had in March and April at the beginning of lockdown when many people didn't act like twats didn't help us as it was very dry and people went out far more than if it pissed...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    IMO I can't see that happening until a reliable vaccine is available.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Given the furore over Dominic C, where i the outrage from media over this selfish breach. What example is Boli setting and what is he saying to everyone one in the country? What a cock womble
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    Medical Negligence claims?

    Know a couple of people who do this, only trouble is that one is a Leeds fan, the other a dipper!
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    United thread 2019/20

    Just seen the 'penalty' on the news with commentary along the lines of he was dragged back. If he was dragged back why did he fall forward. Has Tony M redefined the laws of physics?
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Rocksalt Cafe Bar and The Moortop Pub and Kitchen, in Heaton Moor, both closed their doors on Sunday. This may be the case for the sharp increase in Stockport. Hopefully both places were taking details for track and trace.