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    Heart of Midlothian FC Thread

    Out of interest how do you rate Ellis Simms? My mate used to help out at Chaddy Park juniors in Chadderton and his son played in the same team as Ellis. I know he is now with Everton but on load at Hearts and seems to be getting plenty of game time.
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    Pictures of your Dog

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    Pictures of your Dog

    My 18 month old Cocker Stanley (He is having a haircut today!)
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    Car breakdown services

    Definitely worth checking your bank. I’m with the nationwide and get World family Travel insurance, European breakdown cover (even if I’m a passenger in someone else’s car) with the AA and mobile phone insurance for £13 a month.
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    Electric cars

    Now that made me chuckle
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    Son has gone and broke his iPhone!!!

    I have done this too. I’ve now got both of ours in my iPhone wallet and my son has done the same.
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    Golf Thread

    Our club made no increase and ‘offered’ a £100 discount to anyone who paid their subs in full last March (and therefore kept the club financially sound during lockdowns). So basically £100 discount for the next 12 months for losing 6 months last year. Members were encouraged not to take up the...
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    My mother in law 81 and not in great health got her letter on Saturday. I went on line for her to book her in. We live in Macclesfield. Option 1 was Widnes, Option 2 was Birmingham!! Luckily I am retired so Off to Widnes we go on Wednesday. Bit of a Fred Carnos but at least she is now getting...
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    Rush or The Scorpions?

    Rush Hemispheres is one of my favourite albums
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    Macclesfield FC

    Lovely bit of prime land for real estate..... The owner will make a nice wedge flogging that The owner doesn’t own the ground, the local council do.
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    Nathan Ake

    First and foremost he can defend. He closes down quickly and stops the threat quickly. He’s only 25. He’s quicker than any of the defenders we already have. He will improve under Pep. He’s home grown. £35m decent price. It’s a yes from me.
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    Kai Havertz

    Not for me. Feran Torres with a year left on his contract is a much better option. Quicker and sharper than Havertz too.
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Players and backroom staff WILL test positive! What will they do then? Clubs will be dropping like flies. Absolute farce to try and start again in the current climate.
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    Paying off a mortgage?

    I would assume An NHS pension would be a defined Benefit Pension (Final Salary or equivalent) not a defined Contribution Pension (Pension Pot).
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Exactly this. A player or one of the staff will test positive and all the plans are up in the air. The number of people who have the virus is massive and a large percentage without any or only minor symptoms. They are kidding themselves if they think they can test all the players and backroom...
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