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    What was your football boot of choice

    umbro speciali, classic and extremely comfortable
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    i go with stare, hits some of the big letters
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    Everton Thread - 2021/22

    an opinion shared by many i suspect as well quite how he has failed to win anything with belgium should tell you all you need to know
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    A question for any refs on here.

    It is essentially ignored. I'm sure keepers violate the law in every game but I've never penalised it or seen it penalised on TV.
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    Collecting City

    speaking of collections...i'm selling quite a few items from mine on ebay, happy bidding (if anyone is interested!) Cheers
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    Leicester City (H) - Sun 26th Dec, 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Thanks to covid I can't make today...its not on TV either it seems...any recommendations on how to watch??
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    Leicester Boxing Day Home Match

    3 tickets (2 adult and 1 U18) now available for Leicester due to me getting covid. Was taking my son to his first game and my dad so bit of a bummer... They're east stand L3, row U seats 69, 70 and 73 so not quite together but near enough. Cost near £100 all in but happy to sell for £70. Let...
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    Champions League Last 16 Draw | City v Sporting Clube de Portugal

    why couldnt villareal draw liverpool?
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    Restaurants near the ground?

    This. This. A thousand times this. How did i not know about this till November!?! Pizza is terrific and cheap. Burgers and chips also on offer.
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    Brentford (A) - now sold out

    Grief, I've known Tim for getting close to a decade now (madness!), absolute top blue
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    What would it cost to prise our players away?

    you're probably not miles off with most. foden is unsellable though sao might as well put 500 mil zinchenko would probably go for 10/15 imo though
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    Undr the Cosh Podcast

    Saw them live a few weeks ago in Bradford, superb!
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    I had a similar issue for a league game, only solved by ringing City I'm afraid though they did sort it in a matter of minutes (after ages on hold!)
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    Daughter wants to be a goalkeeper (maybe)

    I didn't have the luxury of choosing where to play, I went in goal cos I'm shit everywhere else!
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    PSG Home tickets

    hope everyone who wanted got, i was forever putting my details in only to get an error each time and it wasnt until i 'saved my card details' did the payment go through!
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