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    Neville Kneville

    Condolonces to the family of Neville, RIP mate
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    Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    I would invite Bomber and Oz, they know the town well
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    RIP our kid

    Sorry for your loss pal. R.i.p
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    Burnley (A) Post Match Thread

    Ha ha, ever since I left we've not put a foot wrong. Must've been me sending bad vibes to the team, I better stay off.
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    Arsenal (A) - QF | Pre-Match Thread | Team on Pg 31

    I agree,can't see anything happening in January, my first post about this was a joke about us signing defenders in every window, some took offence to it though.
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    Arsenal (A) - QF | Pre-Match Thread | Team on Pg 31

    Thanks, I think we'll regret it though if we don't pursue a striker signing in January. I know it's not easy but hopefully there's a couple of irons in the fire
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    Arsenal (A) - QF | Pre-Match Thread | Team on Pg 31

    Come on mate, you have to accept that our squad is imbalanced now, totally top heavy with defenders lightweight up front, and it's showing. What is so wrong in stating that?
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    Arsenal (A) - QF | Pre-Match Thread | Team on Pg 31

    No, just that we've no money for a striker now which we desperately need but signed two centre halves in the summer when one top quality one would've done. Piss poor planning in the summer window
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Think we won team of the year
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    United thread 2020/21

    We didn't try to score one goal against their defence
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    Premier League Games 19/20/21 December

    Absolutely criminal how we didn't beat West Brom, they're truly abysmal
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    Henderson a nominee for spoty, don't you have to have a personality to start with?
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    Arsenal (A) - QF | Pre-Match Thread | Team on Pg 31

    Think Arsenal will play their first team as well, Arteta knows he needs a win asap.
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    Saints (A) Post Match Thread

    Do you think Pep keeps picking him because he believes he's a great player, or he's trying to convince everyone he's not spunked 60m up the wall on him and plays him because of that?
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    Mancini or Pep era?

    Pep all the way even if it is going to shit now. Let's not kid ourselves with Mancini he gave us the magical moment in may 2012, the 6-1, the fa cup against Stoke but the majority of the football was quite stale with the odd exception of a great performance chucked in. Pep has given us two...
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