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    Do you agree with todays formation for our away games

    Todays set up was spot on and a good decision from Manuel. What i like most is he learnt from the Bayern game and realised the similar story with Chelsea's midfield, so on that note he's learning and he's picking things up. I feel though second half we were happy for a draw, Chelsea were there...
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    Is Gaël Clichy that good?

    Since August 2013 he's been dreadful, getting worse each game, don't know what's up with him. One of most consistent players the last few years, gone to pot this season.
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    joe hart

    Any person who blames Nastasic over Hart for that error, simply doesn't understand football. Hart stays where he is, Nastasic heads it back and the danger is cleared. Nastasic is in full control and he deals with the ball, we come back to Manchester with 1 point and a 1-1 result. He did what...
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    Season Ticket Pricing as a result of Stadium Expansion

    No one expects a free ride, but if our seasontickets were to go to around £900-1,500 then the end product would be a disaster. I've never once seen City be a club that will 'sell its soul' as they say, but if the prices go sky high then i do fear soon it'll all be about the money. It already...
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    David Silva Return

    Since the Bayern game where he single handedly came on and changed the game, he's been at his very best again.
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    Discuss Pellegrini (Pt 2)

    Only thing i want Pellegrini to do is react to the game quicker with subs, Milner for Nasri was a 65 minute sub. We nearly left it too late again, apart from that no problems.
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    Can you imagine how much fun Hansen would have had if City had lost the game? People call us paranoid, but we're right though and that some pundits do have a general interest and hate to try and show us up. I'm use to it now, but they never fail to let me down each week. You just know it's...
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    Music Association Game

    Don't Forget Who You Are - Miles Kane
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    What's everyone having\had for tea?

    Fish cakes, mash potato and garden peas. It was textbook.
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    City Vs Everton Pre Match Discussion Thread

    Manchester City at their best (4-2-3-1) -------------------Costel Zaba---Kompany---Nasty---Clichy -------------Milner----Yaya Navas---------Aguero-----Silva -----------------Negredo
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    Edin Dzeko

    Still this, and only this and it'll never change. Nothing else to say about him.
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    Positives From Our Blackest Night In Beswick

    Not so many positives, but here's a few 1. David Silva, does what he does best. Changes a game all by himself, the proper David Silva and hopefully he'll be back to his best. 2. Aguero's effort and work, never gave up in probably one of the most frustrating games in a City shirt. Don't really...
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    lets be honest

    Bayern were incredible, we were outclassed from the off. If we had of played a better formation it still would have been a task, but we made it easy for them. No doubting how class they are, but we played a formation last night which played into their hands and they well and truly filled their...
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    joe hart

    It's not a confidence issue, it's basic goalkeeping. That goalkeeping for the third goal was horrendous, not to mention the fact there was hardly any pace on the shot either. Getting too big for his boots, has been for a while. Needs a wake up call, needs dropping and reminding that he's not...
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    Discuss Pellegrini (Pt 2)

    For me the biggest error was coming out 2 days before the game and saying ''we'll attack Bayern''. Should have kept quiet, turned up on the night and just got on with it. Also i said at HT, he must bring Negredo and Silva on. Not the usual 'i'll give it 10 minutes'' and see how it works...
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