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    Man City TV Launched

    Well I can't even find the app, but it sounds like I'm not missing anything anyway. Why not just stream it live on the Website? It could be for people signed up as Cityzens only.
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    Man City TV Launched

    I have Apple TV on my iPhone, but when I search for Man City, Manchester City, Man City TV, etc it doesn't come up with anything. Where is it?
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    Footballers books that wouldn't sell

    Calmness on the Pitch (A sportman's guide to zen ideas) - Duncan Ferguson
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    City v Newcastle post match thread

    Fernandinho impressed me the most and would have got my nod as MOTM (But pleased that Edin got it anyway). He showed Arsenal what they have been crying out for and seem destined to never get. He reads the game well, passes the ball brilliantly, and gives his all to win the ball off the...
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    El Haj Diouf said we're gonna win the league

    There's a lot of time left in the transfer window yet. If (and it's a big if but it could happen) United sign Ronaldo or Chelsea do get Rooney of someone of equivalent stature then the balance could change. If the transfer window closed now I believe we would be favourites and would definitely...
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    The Holistic Approach

    He means that unless you can show him a United that didn't sign Van Persie to compare to, you can't possibly state that Van Persie won them the league as fact. You can only surmise that he did, the fact is you don't know for sure. They may have given more games to Rooney and Hernandez without...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium Development and Collar Site

    Re: Etihad Campus & potential new stadium Ok, cheers for that. I've not seen anything about them.
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    The Holistic Approach

    I must have misunderstood the meaning of Holistic. I thought it was about a whole club ethos and not just about the first team. All anyone seems to be saying on here is about how our signings have been (or have not been) holistic this summer. We can't possibly discuss Pellegrini's holistic...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium Development and Collar Site

    Re: Etihad Campus & potential new stadium What is the issue with Viagogo? I have no idea what your beef is, could you enlighten me?
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    Bert Trautmann - R.I.P

    Sad news of the loss of a genuine City legend. Great player and by all accounts a great man too. R.I.P. Bert.
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    Edin Dzeko

    Oh, well if an announcer said it then it must be right. That's a pretty weak argument. I know what I saw, no agenda. Hadn't come on here as I was watching the match at the time and my thoughts were, I just can't see Nimley ever breaking into the first team. Harsh on half a pre-season game I know...
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    League prediction competition.

    19-8, Newcastle H WIN 3-1 25-8, Cardiff A WIN 2-0 31-8, Hull H WIN 4-0 14-9, Stoke A WIN 2-1 22-9, United H WIN 3-2 28-9, Villa A WIN 2-0 5-10, Everton H WIN 1-0 19-10, West Ham A WIN 3-0 27-10, Chelsea A LOSS 1-2 2-11, Norwich H WIN 5-0 10-11, Sunderland A WIN 2-0 23-11, Spurs H WIN 3-2 30-11...
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    Would you have Ronaldo at City?

    I think we have to be pragmatic. I hated him at United and when he left I thought I'd never like to see him here. However I have to look at it without emotion and with logic only. Ronaldo is a game changer and indeed a season changer. If he were to go to United now, that would make our life next...
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    Edin Dzeko

    I must have been watching a different match because I thought Dzeko looked dangerous and linked play well with Nazri and Kolarov amongst others, and Nimley looked outclassed and produced very little but ran around a lot. I think people on here still have the Dickov and Tiatto syndrome where a...
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    Really, so drink driving should not be a criminal offense? Driving while disqualified is fine is it, and not a criminal act? Driving without due care and attention should not be a criminal act? Maybe you should tell that to someone whose kids have been killed by a careless/drunk/disqualified driver.
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