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    Aston Villa - League Cup Final - Pre-Match Thread

    Bravo Walker Stones Fernandinho Mendy Rodri Silva KDB Sterling Bernardo Jesus
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    Man Utd (H) - LC SF 2nd Leg - Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Walker Otamendi Fernandinho Angelino Rodri Gundogan KDB Bernardo Aguero Mahrez Didnt spotted Mendy n Laporte on the last training session video
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    Possible Extension to Pep’s Contract?

    Absoloutly fucking yas Move off the rubbish out of the team ( Bravo ,Otamendi, Mahrez ) , bring fresh power and lets roll again
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    Liverpool (A) - Pre Match Thread

    Eddy Cancelo Kyle John Fern Mendy Gundo KDB Berny Sterling Kun lets fuck
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    In 5 - 0 win back in 2017 we played with back 3. In 1-2 defeat against them in UCl second leg we also played with back 3 and create the most chances than every team that played against them in last 2 yrs. In january 2-1 win we also played something like back 3 , Stones Kompany Laporte , and we...
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    Southampton (H) Post-Match Thread

    We miss Leroy badly. This season there is like 50 situations where Silva plays aerial or land through ball to Sterling , then he do nothing or ball goes to goal out. 2 years in a row Sane making a tap in goals or shots from that situations
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    Atalanta (A) CL Pre-Match Thread

    Welp its all on them But imagine a losing KDB in shit game like this just few days before going to klanfield
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    Atalanta (A) CL Pre-Match Thread

    Bravo - then 10 academy players , this game means nothing Liverpool will do the same against Genk , we will see no one of theirs first 11
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    Southampton (H) Post-Match Thread

    @Barcon We played well against Liverpool with back 3
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    Southampton (H) Post-Match Thread

    Ederson Cancelo Walker Fernandinho Stones Mendy Gundogan KDB Bernardo Aguero Sterling we'll see against Liverpool I guess
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    Southampton (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Cancelo Stones Fernandinho Mendy Gundogan KDB Silva Sterling Bernardo Jesus
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    Southampton (H) League Cup 4th Round - Pre Match Thread

    Bravo Walker Otamendi Harwarood Angelino Garcia Foden Silva Mahrez Bernabe Jesus
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    Aston Villa (H) Post-Match Thread

    We won every game that Otamendi is not started?
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    Rodri out until after the international break

    Little bit tricky situation Rodri sidenlined , Fernandinho to old to play every game , so now everything is on Gundogan back. Need to survive period of 4 next game to international breake
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