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    Eurovision 2014

    Hey, I saw your edit! Don't mix us up with those alp wankers!! :D
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    Eurovision 2014

    Annoying bloke with drum. Glad that's over.
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    This is quite the bump but it was settled on the official site today - Pab Zab uses Joop! :) Looking in my cupboard at the moment I find Versace, Davidoff Adventure and CK's Encounter. Can't recommend the last one but it was a gift. On the look for something new though, hearing good things...
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    Pic of Richards on the OS

    To be honest a bigger question for me is - why does Micah have his hand on his cock throughout the interview??
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    At 10 and 8 I'd think they probably know more about the concept of death than you'd imagine. Just tell them when she dies and make sure to be there for them and it will be fine.
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    New site launched

    Try saving the logo as a gif to see what happens. You'll get the small size without that hard-compressed jpg-look, but the shading around the crest might not look as good. And you might have to adapt the color on the rest of the background to whatever shade of blue the gif will end up having...
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    New site launched

    Oh yeah, I can see the new logo now. Looks good but still too low-res, pixels everywhere around the words and the round city logo. Also, and this is quite picky I admit, the logo and the picture of Zabaleta are a slightly different shade of blue than the rest of the banner. Probably depends on...
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    New site launched

    Same here and I'm on Chrome too. Oh and the bluemoon logo looks like crap, low-res, but I think it might have looked that way in the past too. :)
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    Bluemoon has changed

    Doesn't seem to be working fully yet but I did get a glimpse of the new look just now, looks good.
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    Bluemoon has changed

    Main site looks good though, new forum look probably just taken down temporarily. I'm sure I'll be very impressed.
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    Bluemoon has changed

    Looks the same to me except a low-res logo which appears to have been stretched out, and a picture of Zabaleta that doesn't match with the background either. Uh, is that new?
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    Porn Sex V Real Sex - Explained with food.

    Seems there's stuff about porn being bad for you out there all the time now, besides it giving people a sort of weird frame of reference...honestly by accident I've read loads about porn psychologically messing with guys heads for the past few days, anyone else see this? Is it some campaign from...
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    Audi Cup 2013

    Cheers. I can't wait for this little tournament, I'm probably more excited than the occasion warrants.
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    Liverpool are banning these words.

    For some reason "Don't be a woman" got to me. Or maybe I read it as "Tranny, don't be a woman". It's gold though, what are they doing? Can anyone confirm it's real or not?
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    I know it's gone but I have an urgent question.

    We just demand to know if we can still exercise our God-given right to watch violent lesbian porn.
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