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    Paul Walsh article

    Enjoyed watching him play for us. Remember him punching someone in the back of the head while standing in the wall.
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    Celtic thread 2020/21

    Who would you like to replace Lennon? I know Howe was talked about at the start of the season and could be a good fit although not the most attack minded.
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    Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

    What sites are people using for buying crypto currency?
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    What was the exact time of that goal?

    It shows 4:53 on the clock on Soccer Saturday
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    Celtic thread 2020/21

    2-2 now.
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    City FA Youth Cup winners 2019/20!!!

    Great performance. Well done lads
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    Worst big name actors.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
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    It is only going to be a disappointment. We will get hyped up that we are signing Messi and it will turn out to be us announcing a new sponsor for the backroom staff's training socks... I think its Messi
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    Celtic thread 2020/21

    Yes. Cluj, AEK, Malmo and Maribor.
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    Projector Streaming

    I had sky go on my xbox one and was able to connect my projector to the xbox with a hdmi cable and it worked fine. Could be worth getting a second hand xbox one.
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    Lyon CL QF Pre-Match Thread (15/08/20)

    I dont need to worry about away goals now!
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Power press Jesus. Great result.
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    Players that you forgot played for a team

    Jardel at Bolton. He came on against us if I remember correctly.
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    New TV Offers

    Looking to spend maximum 800 but don't want to buy now if they are all going to come down in price in the next couple of weeks and I could get more bang for my buck.
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    New TV Offers

    Looking to get a new TV. Probably a 65". Does anyone have any insider info on when the prices might start to drop in Currys or Richer Sounds etc...? From looking at price spy on a few sets they seem to be more expensive than around Christmas time. I know there is usually a drop around...
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