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    City removing seats

    When the seats were first put in nearly everyone on here said the were crap seats, almost subterranean and the club were money grabbing putting them in. They should never have been put in in the first place, now they're gone people are whining. There will be plenty of space for people to move...
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    Pep signs new deal until 2023!

    I'd offer them a swap for Garcia and if they say no just do a pre-contract and let them pay the Garcia fee to him in wages and bonuses
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    Ian Cheeseman Forever Blue Podcast

    "an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field" I doubt he's that in his own house
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    Ian Cheeseman Forever Blue Podcast

    No "He's just a very naughty boy"
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    New European Super League Breakaway Threat

    I'd rather do something so bad, without murdering people like the dippers, to have the Premier League banned from UEFA comps for a decade. Then enjoy what we have...
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    New European Super League Breakaway Threat

    Premier League just need to say goodbye to any who join, including us if need be, FA say you leave the umbrella you don't play for your country or the FA Cup. It's a football version of Kerry Packers Cricket circus and we play Saturdays and Sundays because we want to. Doesn't bother me as I...
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    United and Liverpool EFL project - proposal rejected

    First I'd heard of it but have to admit it don't look for stuff about them. I can cope with Fred West and Harold Shipman but not them, so thanks. Interesting that that's where Scudamore went when he left his Premier League job.
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    Douglas Luiz

    Maybe next summer after relegation....
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    Soriano: B teams in EFL

    This isn't new, he mentioned the issue in some press conference just after he arrived 2013/2014. Feedback was start in the bottom tier and rejection of the idea from EFL. So six years later, Bury and Macclesfield gone to the wall, Wigan and Bolton up shit creek even the mighty Wednesday failing...
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    Bayern thread 2020/21 My heart is bleeding
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    Approved 8-1-0 Was a request to have it called in byThe Secretary of State if approved. So what happens now.. anyone?
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    Season tickets

    Well isn't that just typical.. Just no thought for the fan who wants something for nothing.
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    Season tickets

    Listening to Valance and Whitty today I can see the experiment being paused. Now where is that left over Now TV voucher
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    Return of supporters

    I'm not saying you shouldn't be buying a TV season ticket, just saying that 40 years down the line an awful prophecy is on the horizon
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    Return of supporters

    Let's all watch on TV.. Thatchers dream from 1989. Suggested that you didn't need stadiums just an enclosed green space. Would stop Bradford, Heysel, Hillsborough happening again and disperse the hooliganism associated with the game. Got the Football Spectators Act with that twat Evans from...
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