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    Letter from Fletcher

    this is absolutely hilarious ;; As one poster has said, kids were abandoned by parents and one kid still hasn't been claimed from lost property (he's been living with Bernard Halfords spare bedroom)
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    I Was There

    was at Stoke away when we got relegated [ticket in the stoke area] and i was allso at Millwall away when we were banned , i was working as a delivery driver at the time so asked the boss if i could do the london drops on day of the game and the day after , he even sorted me out with somewhere to...
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    Identify yourselves blues! Celebrations v QPR

    i am the one in the first pic bottom r/h corner with the jesters hat on
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    The Poznan

    so dont let it worry you what other fans do they are only having a bit of banter albeit at our expense so fair play to them , on the other hand it was good sunderland fans doing it at the end of the season to wind up the rags ,
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    The Poznan

    not quite true , i think the lech poznan fans might have something to say but we need to keep it as was said earlier our form dipped when we stopped doing it and it brings a togetherness amongst city fans
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    Funniest songs of the season

    eat in a minute hes going to eat in a minute , sung at the brum fan 2 songs not sung by us 1,, chelsea fans making themselves look really stupid by singing stand up if youve won the league [made me laugh ] 2,, Swansea fans at the swamp singing is this a fire drill , when all the rags were...
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    City Songs You Don't Here Anymore That

    it was actually in the dressing room at blackburn after we got promoted<br /><br />-- Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:47 am --<br /><br />i used to like the rodney marsh one sung to the son of my father tune, and the 'who's up mary brown song made me laugh.
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    2011/12 Champions DVD available from 11 June

    that is class [I'm thinking of going to some games next season]
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    upgrading to platinum. Worth the extra cost?

    i dont think it matters if you go gold or platinum as sadly it looks like more and more away tickets are going to co-operates and hospitality so in a few years most of us will struggle for away tickets regardless of loyalty points
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    What excuse have your rag "mates" come up with ?

    the few i have as mates have all said fair play we deseved it over the season ,but they are allso the ones who never really gloated when they were winning things, the gloating was allways by rags i hardly know in pubs or ones who dont go to the games
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    A poem for our times

    heres one i put on facebook Everyone thought there would be a red sky at night Then the clouds they did part to show a new sight For the Blue Moon had risen to its fullest hight As Manchester City to the end they did fight
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    Smoking in the bogs and on the pitch

    there was a lot of people in front of me kept waving their scarves about in the air and restricting my view how selfish can you get , how can you begrudge someone having a fag after what we all went through, you must be a sad fuck to have a whinge about anything after what we witnessed on Sunday
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    The Victory Parade (Merged)

    well said mate totally agree