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    Club Brugge (A) - CL - Post-Match Thread

    Absolutely correct
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    Currently in Krakow - where to watch tonight?

    I’ve seen a couple of games in here before. It’s not special but it’s cheap and had a good atmosphere,10
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    Best gig you've ever been to?

    Oasis at Knebworth The wonder stuff at bescot stadium Nirvana at the Sheffield Octagon centre
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    Has anyone put their central heating on yet?

    My mrs is the reason gas is going up.
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    Windows 11..

    Sounds like a pen testers dream
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    Windows 11..

    I’ve been running a pilot version for about a month it’s ok but has been killing some apps particularly outlook and teams
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    things that scared you as a kid

    After my cousin made me watch Nightmare on Elm street when I was about 7 I struggled with Freddie for a while
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    Burnley (H) - Sat 16 Oct 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    will they be bringing pens along??
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    No Time To Die (Spoilers)

    I saw the new one last night and thought it was very very goood
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    Sarah Everard murder | Wayne Couzens given whole-life sentence

    Good. Should hand more of these out. He will sit in a safe cell for a while. Will then go in general pop and hopefully suffers daily
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    Derbyshire deaths

    I live about 8 miles from Killamarsh. Know Kids who go to that school. Why would anyone do that? It’s just thinkable what they must’ve gone through. Sadly he will be protected to the hilt at the moment
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    Should Class A drugs be legalised in UK

    100% yes for me. Control them and reduce crime across the board
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    RIP John Challis (Boycie)

    Sad sad news. Greatest ever TV show. RIP Boycey
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