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    City fans writing John Stones off too early?

    Hope rekindled here
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    Confirmed: Ferran Torres signs 5 year contract

    Couldn't resist trying to engineer a little Ferran T gag With regard to a separate issue, I fear you may be confusing me with a restaurant chain
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    Confirmed: Ferran Torres signs 5 year contract

    Presumably Ferran T will soon be house-hunting in Heald Green
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    Jimmy Wagg hangs up his microphone on Saturdays after 31 years

    Wonder what Phil’s up to. Remember his address so might drop him a line- The Wood, The Wireless, The World
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    Jimmy Wagg hangs up his microphone on Saturdays after 31 years

    Must defo be linked to the 'threppeny bags' of yesterday's cakes you could get from Butterworth's Bakery on Mellor Road in Cheadle Hulme
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    The death of VAR

    As an aside, just watched short highlights of the QPR game and my son noticed for the first time that Cisse's heel was probably offside from the original pass for their first goal - that is prior to Joleon's misjudgement Perhaps VAR could have saved us a little bit of trauma, whilst...
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    On Newsnow they are running a Talk Sport (I know, I know) story entitled: Standings, Southampton above Liverpool, manchester united second, Leicester near the bottom - how the Premier League table looked since June restart. The article follows, containing pictures of united, Villa & Palace. Try...
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    David Silva has played his last competitive game at the Etihad

    Like it but just seeking clarification as to whether use of the word ‘jersey’ is acceptable, or if it is from the ‘locker room’ school?
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Sick of my black and white set, going to rent a colour one instead from Yeoman & Russell - I'm pretty sure the owner's a blue
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Telegraph running a story today about Liverpool's amazing record breaking season. Thought I'd better have a peep as I couldn't recall them breaking too many. Turns out that they had: 1) The best ever start to a season, up to 21 games 2) The most points won over 38 games, split over two seasons...
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    City’s Legal and Media/PR Teams

    Don’t know if it’s the same as you were watching but we had on BT and once Arsenal went ahead you’ve never heard a happier back-slapping trio than Ian Darke, Martin Keown and Steve McPointyman. Obviously a fair choice of co-commentators as both played for one of the teams, (I don’t think). Had...
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    Soundly beaten by the better team. Other than maybe Ederson & Walker, cannot think of anybody better than 5/10
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    Your Dumbest Match-Day Comment

    I normally confine myself to either shouting loudly at defenders preparing to shoot from too far out - Kompany v Leicester, or Walker v Newcastle for example, or offering set piece advice - "Don't let Flower / Spanish Dave have it" (Ipswich & Newcastle). (In my defence, prior to recently...
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    I presume Pav meant Martinez, who has indeed been playing well of late