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    Premier League games 4/5/6/7 December

    what was the linesman thinking
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    Man of the Match Fulham PL (H)

    oh dear
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    Marseille (H) - CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Steffen Walker Garcia Laporte Ake Zinchenko Fernandinho Doyle Bernardo Torres Foden
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    Man of the Match Fulham PL (H)

    I thought quite a few had good games with Debruyne, Marhez, Gundagan & Stones all excellent. Il just give my verdict to Debruyne who was all over the pitch influencing the game plus gaining an assist & goal.
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    The only way Messi goes to PSG Is if City loose interest.
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    Porto (A) - CL | Pre-Match Thread

    I would play a stronger team tomorrow to confirm top position then play the reserves against Marseille a few days before Utd.
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    Porto (A) - CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Cancelo Garcia Laporte Zinchenko Debruyne Rodri Gundagan Foden Torres Sterling
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    Man of the Match Burnley PL (H)

    That one probably Kevs best game this season, looked like the rest mid week helped recharge he batteries but i was so pleased for Stones. His last two games have been top notch.
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    Man of the Match Burnley PL (H)

    That was Stonesy's best game for probably a couple of years. Didn't put a foot wrong & looked like his confidence was back. He could be like a new signing for us if he continues to shine.
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    Burnley (H) Post Match Thread

    Great to see Stones confidence is back & playing well. Could well be pushing Laporte for more starts
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    Burnley (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Calm down, calm down, I'm just predicting what team I think Pep will pick. If it was my choice Marhez wouldn't get in my first choice.
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    Burnley (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Walker Dias Laporte Cancelo Debruyne Rodri Foden Marhez Torres Sterling 6-0
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    Diego Maradona has died.

    Wasn't the nicest of guys but made my top four players. Messi Ronaldo Pele Maradonna
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    Olympiacos (A) - CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Cancelo Stones Laporte Zinchenko Bernardo Gundagan Foden Mahrez Jesus Sterling
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    Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread

    I'll save this post till the end of the season
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