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    next season

    Apparently there are 2 or more teams who deserve to be above us according to the original poster, who those teams would be... I'm stumped.
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    Stoke V City In Match Discussion Thread

    Booing and jeering Silva for having the cheek to get elbowed in the ear and bleed from the head shows just how despicable Stoke fans are. Overall, the first half has taught us nothing. Stoke are talentless hacking thugs and we're the better footballing side. That said we need more invention if...
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    City vs. Chelsea Pre-Match Discussion Thread

    I think he'll come on for 10-15 minutes and do quite well but far from spectacularly.
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    Tactics that'll win us the title?

    ---------------Hart--------------- Richards-Kompany- Lescott--Clichy ---------------------------------- -------Yaya-------Barry---------- Silva--------Aguero-------Balotelli ------------ Dzeko--------------- I think we need to play Yaya a little deeper to pick up the ball and drive us forward...
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    Will they fire Mancini?

    How long has Mourinho stayed at a club? How long has the club continued to succeed after his departure? He is not someone I want to see at City, Mancini has already done enough to keep his job.
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    Swansea v City In Match Discussion Thread

    To be fair, he'd already given more time than was to be expected. If time is up, time is up. Really struggled but Mancini has done well with the change, I like the fact he changes things early when the problem is clear. Barry can have a tantrum but he should grow up and recognise it's not a...
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    Football Focus - Balotelli Interview

    No, he said 'they say he wants to come' with a wry smile. A distinctly different proposition.
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    Sporting v City: Post Match Discussion Thread

    Poor performance, only Balotelli really can claim to have had a good game, excellent impact when he came off the bench. Looked dangerous, set up others, worked hard and was inventive!
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    Sergio v Bergkamp

    I thinking you're mistaking football and scoring goals. The latter is a rather important aspect but Gerd Muller and Filippo Inzaghi may have struggled to win many games without somebody creating the chances. People get played in the position their skills suit, if you can position yourself well...
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    Sergio v Bergkamp

    Taking nothing away from Sergio, it's a bizarre comparison to make. Aguero has a long way to go before being compared to Bergkamp, I'm sure he will be mentioned in the same breath but keep that for the latter stages of his career not when he's 23. At this point, I'd only expect him to be...
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    What a team - how do we improve on what we have?

    The most interesting shout on here is Bastian Schweinsteiger, he would slot directly into our current formation as a vast improvement on Gareth Barry (who I already think is a good player). Bastian is stronger, defensively aware, marginally quicker and better in the air. More importantly his...
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    Good interview with Yaya

    I do prefer reading Yaya's interviews... he speaks nearly as quickly as Adebayor! Always makes sense when I can discern what he's saying, haha!
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    City Vs Porto In Match Discussion Thread

    Aye, which according to most on here was reason enough for us not to sign him.
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    City Vs Porto In Match Discussion Thread

    Bah, he still couldn't get into Roma's first team.
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    City Vs Porto In Match Discussion Thread

    Fuck me! So unlucky...
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