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    Two more retail companies look doomed

    This. I bought an audiobook the other day and was looking around to see if Waterstones did them or perhaps something a bit more independent. In the end, my two options were Amazon/Audible or Google. So in other words, two companies based outside the UK who avoid UK taxes. I still can't be arsed...
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    That (those) monolith (s)

    I suspect we'll see them 'turning up' in a lot of places desperate for tourists.
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    That (those) monolith (s)

    He's called Harry Maguire and he's doing his best.
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    New CL proposals: “Swiss system” favoured by clubs

    I don't really mind as long as qualification for it in the first place is based on merit. But if they start introducing a system where certain teams get in automatically, fuck that.
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    Comedy Genius.

    Fleabag was great. James Acaster's special on Netflix is the best recorded stand up I've seen in years. Sara Pascoe's show that came out last month was good (first episode is a bit shit, so give it a chance). Inside Number 9 is brilliant (although hit and miss given the nature of the show). Sex...
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    Comedy Genius.

    There's loads of fantastic comedy around at the moment. But by definition greats are people who have done it over decades.
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    Anton Ferdinand

    Where have we heard that sort of thing before?
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    Premier League games 27/28/29/30 November

    Doesn't count because he actually stayed in his feet rather than flopping to the floor like he'd been shot.
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    Sir Philip Green

    Only for tax avoidance purposes. If they're married, he still owns half. Hope he does the honourable thing.
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    FA Cup R3 Draw | Birmingham City (H)

    Home draw. Can't complain.
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    Yeah, there was someone on Twitter claiming that Liverpool have had more decisions overruled by VAR than any other team, seemingly oblivious to the fact that all that proves is that they get more dodgy decisions from referees in the first place.
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    Comedy Genius.

    Jennifer Saunders The League of Gentlemen Victoria Wood The Pythons Richard Pryor
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    Comedy Genius.

    You missed out Citizen Khan.
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    Comedy Genius.

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    Pep And His Clothes

    I made the mistake of going into Topshop a while back. I wouldn't have minded, but I was looking for some suit trousers, and even they were stuck to my leg ffs. I just stick to Levis for jeans. Figure out which number fits you best and then buy the same ones every time. I last bought some about...
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