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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Good. I’m going Turkey in a few weeks and don’t want many of the obnoxious fuckers around.
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    Fuck off. He’s wank, no team ethic whatsoever.
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    Gabriel Jesus | Joins Arsenal for £45m

    And having to buy someone we really did T want to fill the gap he’d leave whilst waiting for the 2 we desperately wanted.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    Fucked now Riley is stepping down.
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    Mike Riley to stand down as head of PGMOL

    Good the rag loving **** b
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    Junior football, manager issues, any advice appreciated

    The guys an utter cock and your son is better off miles away from him. I’m sure there are other local teams he’ll be much better off at. I did it for getting on for 10 years and it’s something that can be really stressful or highly rewarding but one thing I learned from watching and listening...
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    Value Gold - where did people get seats ?

    You won’t be at full time or if you need a piss!!
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    Me neither, each to their own but I do wonder if he’s sang it previously and is now not doing after the scousers booed the anthem at Wembley.
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    UEFA Independent Inquiry

    No chance you’ve been to a game with the scouse fuckers if you genuinely believe what you’re posting.
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    UEFA Independent Inquiry

    I’m amazed he’s not seen any video of evidence of the cunts rushing gates, climbing over fences or bragging about jibbing in!! Bit blinkered this fucker….
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    Heard and Depp

    It is but this is a set back for real domestic violence cases imo. She’s one fucked up individual and I am amazed she’s been able to adopt a child with her state of mind.
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    Michael Owen

    What a prick.
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    Khaldoon's End of Season Review Part 2 (Pg 14)

    I’ll pass this on to him lol
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Sign him on 5 year deal then sell back to the rags for £120,000,000 in January…. Genius.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    That tweet makes me think he’s about to become a blue…..
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