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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Murmurings already about the limited nature of Ronald's contribution. The consensus seems to be that he needs to be a static poacher with fuck all else to offer.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    That's a great point. Tuchel has been a good appointment for them but he is the new Mourinho. Tedious, safety first football. The equivalent to East European baseline tennis players who keep the ball in court forever and wait for their opponents to make a mistake
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    #17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2021/22 Performances

    Nowhere near his best today but that actually is a positive for me. The team still put in an immense performance so let's see what happens when Peak Kev kicks in.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    The table is looking goooooood. After this immense display you have to think the whole squad will be fired up and full of self-belief.
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    Chelsea (A) - Sat 25 Sep 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Fern really looked his age against Southampton. We haven't been able to believe how he has continued to perform so well in the last couple of seasons but it seems like Old Father Time has finally caught up with him.
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    Drinking alcohol in your seat

    Because alcohol is legally sold in the UK?
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    Fans holding up "Please Give Me Your Shirt" placards

    Bernardo and one of the youth team players gave their shirts to young fans near us in CB1 on Tuesday but conspicuously ignored the little attention seeking twats with signs.
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    Drinking alcohol in your seat

    Tracy Crouch has announced trials of allowing alcohol to be consumed whilst watching matches in the National League Premier Division and League 2 with a view to allowing it at all levels. As I get pissed off with people constantly leaving their seats during games just to get a coffee, hotdog...
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    Safe Standing To Go Ahead This Year

    Would be interesting if a poll was added to this thread to see how many would want it in their section. I’ve no objection to safe standing being introduced in the stadium but I don’t want to stand throughout each and every game and so don’t want it where I sit. As that is SS3 I can’t see it...
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    It’s good that the club are belatedly improving communication with supporters but this particular mail is meaningless. I updated my wallet to show the Burnley game immediately after the Southampton game. Some people reading that would think that they would have an issue if they did that.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Was in CB1 rather than SS3 & getting in via Y1 was actually quite well organised. Much better than my usual M1.
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    Wycombe (H) - EFL Cup R3 | Post-Match Thread

    Really enjoyed last night. Good atmosphere, great goals and watching some hugely talented youngsters.
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    Is your Wycombe ticket behind your SC ticket as I have iPhone and my three tickets for tonight are just sticking out behind my SC. Maybe try pressing the ‘Edit Passes’ button and the bottom of your wallet Home Screen to see what’s showing.
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    Who will be our main rivals this season?

    Retaining the title seems a bridge too far at the moment. A clearly pissed off Pep trying to get the squad to go again doesn't appear likely but as Bobby Manc used to say 'Is football'. Maybe our rivals will take lots of points off Chelsea and we nip through on the inside.
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    I have my SC in my wallet and I’ve just updated it to the Burnley game by opening it and clicking the three dots at the top right of the screen and then dragging down (iPhone). However, the three tickets I have for Wycombe show behind the SC on the wallet home screen.
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