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    Ajax away pi@@ up plans ?

    It's about €5 on average, there's bars in the red light district that do happy hour... if you time it right, you can hit 4 bars from about 16:00 till 20:00 all happy hours! talking €3 a pint..
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    Ajax away pi@@ up plans ?

    Best for brass is a little ally wedged between the bulldog! Probably the best ally i've ever been down in my whole entire life! Supermodel gash left to right...
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    Mario AGAIN!

    This happend outside my work building, Balotelli wasn't even there... Just to clear it up. Don't beleive what you read in the papers... Especially online versions!
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    City v The Rags (merged)

    Re: City v The Rags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get in! i'm buzzing!
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    100 now.. drum roll!
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    Mancini flag/banner?

    I love Ultrasshop.. you can get some quality stuff on there!
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    Mario fire????

    me too! pm please!
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    Wheres all the Eddie Beef/were all gunna get killed threads?

    Apprently, we're going to get ambushed on Warrick/Trafford/Chester Road on Sunday, 1000 MIB's waiting to greet us i heard!
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    Roy of the Rovers predicts 2-2 draw

    I like the bit where he's worried about getting thrown out for not sitting down.. Only this.
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    Bars in town for Sunday?

    Lloyds is normally a mix, but they'll be more United in there as they all love watching it on the telly in there.. apparently the owner is a blue?
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    QPR Away

    We're heading to Walkabout at Shepherds Bush Common, seems to be the designated away pub.
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    Whats planned for Villareal ?

    Did anyone just get a text off City? looks like they've planned a Tifo for us for the whole first tier! cant wait to see that!
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    We went to dam before travelling up to Munich for the match, we went to De Dampkring and the guy in their informed us that 'Espoir' which was on the menu had already won this years cannibis cup.. he was convinced! so was i! Excellent.. thoroughly recommend it if your in Dam or pass De Dampkring..
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    Who has the most complicated Euro journey?

    Manchester to Amsterdam - Flight Amsterdam to Munich - Train Munich to Dortmund - Flight Dortmund to Dusseldorf - Train Dusseldorf to Manchester - Flight Perfect week, bar the result!
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