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    Singers/Bands who have gone out of fashion

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    Best advert on TV at he moment

    Charisma and charismatic.Quality.
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    Best advert on TV at he moment
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    I've just won 3 millon£££££££££

    I'll have what he's having.
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    My 20 year old daughter has been cutting my hair for about 5 years now,when I begin to resemble,Ben Gun,or Chuck Noland the scissors are out.Basic stuff really but shes learned how to use the scissors on yours truly,her husband has also taken a risk,and had his ears lowered only last week.Not...
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    Great US TV shows of the 1960's

    Dr.kildare The Rifleman (Chuck Connors) Hawaii five o The Big Valley Cheyene Batman 77 Sunset strip Daktari(Starring The cross eyed lion) Ironside Heres Lucy Peyton Place The Lone Ranger The Man from Uncle The Littlest hobo(Canadian) Tarzan(Ron Ely) Cartoons. Herges Adventures of tin tin Top Cat
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    Talk Talk Cool guy.
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    The Plank .........

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    joke thread....

    I told my grown up kids,Its time to watch what they eat.So they bought Tickets for this years Grand National. Just opened a packet of Tesco Burgers and there off.
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    Florida Holiday - Shooting Guns

    Tweet Piers Morgan.
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    Suspicious package found in Manchester

    Are they sure they buried that Osama Bin Laden guy at sea? I’d hate for him to reappear once more,and administer his mayhem yet again.
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    I had shingles a few years ago, down the right side of my back, and was basically immobilized for about 3 weeks. For comfort, I ended up prone on the living room floor for about 5 days of that period, looking up at any friends/relatives that came round to visit. I suppose it depends on the...
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    Sacked LAPD Officer On Rampage, Targets Ex-Colleagues

    Here is his manifesto.Worth a read. From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648 To: America Subj: Last resort Regarding CF# 07-004281 I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken...
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    favourite cover versions
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    If it is then Bachelor boy has been lying about his age all this time, apparently a prominent 66year old and 70 year old have had a knock on their very expensive door.
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