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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    Shocking performance but enjoyed the day overall. In a pandemic you have to appreciate the important things in life. Seeing family and fellow blues after so much time was priceless
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    Southampton (H) - Sat 18 Sep 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Fly in tomorrow, 1st game since Carabao Cup final 2020 Can't wait, jabbed , ticket on phone lots of family and friends to catch up with. Oh and a reacqaintance with a certain Mr Holt's finest ))
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    Save a few for Sat lads please I'm over this weekend ))
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    Sorry had no context to it just saw it quickly dohh!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs RB Leipzig (16/09/21)

    That's a fucking disgrace whoever wrote that wants sacking . Hope there's floods of complaints
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Pants down for Young Boys beaaaahhhaaaaa Fucking loving it!!!
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    Not to mention bumping off unwanted plant managers during "Aluminium wars" Allegedly of course
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Arsenal (28/08/21)

    See what u did there
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Can't stand him tbh but if he signs I'm going to keel over with an apoplectic fit of laughter
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Fernandes love child? Herman Munster junior?
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    Ref Watch

    Thought he'd decided to step down from Merseyside team matches due to conflict of interest? Reversed it ? I know he's a Tranny fan
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    City’s New Kits - 2021/22

    Looks like the overseas marketing men have done a job on it
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    Ref Watch

    Can't our media guys on social networks get a head of steam going on this? If we ratcheted up the pressure he might be embarrassed into doing what Dean did in Murkyside
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    Ref Watch

    Can't understand why we don't "out" this crook for what he is He should never be anywhere near the M/c / Trafford clubs games
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    Does the constant slander about City bother you?

    No , I sincerely hope they all mysteriously fall into a vat of boiling fat
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