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    FA Cup 3rd Round | Swindon (A)

    Might wanna get them umbrellas ready.
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    Gary Speed

    I have to respectively disagree
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    Ticket transfer help

    That's my problem, I can't go beyond step 2, and it's within 2 weeks of the game, really got me scratching my head
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    Ticket transfer help

    Ages ago mate, it hasn't brought up the option to select anyone from my F&F yet
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    Messi wins Ballon D’or

    Lewendowski would have won it if messi came to city.
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    Aston Villa (A) - Wed 1st Dec, 20:15 | Pre-Match Thread

    Anyone know what the cross city train lines like after the game? Stopping at a mates in King's Norton
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    Ticket transfer help

    Probably been done to death but feel ill get more help here than supporter services. I want to transfer this ticket but the button is greyed out. Any ideas?
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    Villa Away

    Selly Oak, and Kings norton train stations are park and rides mate [emoji106] I'm going from King's Norton station into New Street then onto Witton [emoji106]
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    Wolves Home 109 £25 **SOLD**

    Can't make it as I'm working. Block 109 £25
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    Do you celebrate a goal immediately or wait incase VAR rules it out?

    I celebrate goals, but wait on penalty decisions
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    Today's shooting in America thread

    Can't argue with her trigger discipline to be fair
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    Villa Away

    Need one, help [emoji24][emoji23]
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    PSG (H) Champions League - Ticket Information and Prices

    SOLD OUT......for real this time [emoji23]
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