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    Spurs (h) pre-match thread

    Use a car park. Shit excuse.
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    Spurs (h) pre-match thread

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    United thread 2019/20

    Shit stains
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    Your top 3 things that you're most looking forward to this season?

    1. Dave deciding he just cant leave and signs another year. 2. Van dick gets caught with a rent boy and goes into hiding causing the dippers to meltdown and finish 10th. 3. At least 2 games of short sleeve weather.
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    Champions League Final Liverpool v Spurs

    Ms roe would show her a thing or two!
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    Champions League Final Liverpool v Spurs

    It doesn't mean your the best though. Winning the premier league does. I would rather be the best than a cup winner. League every time.
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    Champions League Games 7/8 May

    Unbelievable spuds. Oh well. Could of should of an all that. Cmon now spuds batter them scouse fucks
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    Champions League Games 7/8 May

    Fuck me they are deflated. Couldn’t out sing the frikkin speakers then. More cameras than scarves. Cmon Barca embarrass these self righteous tossers.
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    Premier League (midweek)Games 2/3/April

    Rags are wank. Just saying. Cardiff desperately need a win tomorrow or they next after Fulham. Got a feeling tomorrow is gonna be a frustrating game.
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    Another Blue gone

    R.I.P Poddy.
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Prove these allegations false, win the frikking bent competition and just as we get presented with the trophy, refuse to accept it, give back medals and just amble over to city fans. Fuck em.
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    Carabao Cup Final plans

    Watching in some shithole pub in salford probably. Mrs booked young uns christening for day after Everton v city months ago! What a bastard. Sick to the stomach. Fuck knows why I am viewing this thread. Have a great day blues. Cmon city. I’m nearly in fuckin tears.
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    Arsenal (H)

    Got one for south stand lev 2 near front pal if you interested.
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