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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    Just lost 90 minutes of my life watching that shite dished up by both teams
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    Match Thread | Man Utd vs Man City (12/12/20)

    He wasn’t the only one!
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    Celebrities who get on your nerves

    Miranda enough said Lewis Hamilton great driver but totally a knob out of the car
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    Eddie van Halen RIP van halens first trip to Manchester supporting black Sabbath who they blew off stage enjoy RIP Eddie
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Leicester (27/09/20)

    Great to be back to typical city Not
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    Off for couple of weeks no foreign holiday,so dusting off the old bass rods and off to wales to see if any decent bass about fingers crossed that the fishing gods look kindly on me next week
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Lyon (15/08/20)

    Think we should admit that we are not good enough
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Lyon (15/08/20)

    absolute shite all round
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    Ferran Torres

    If he is He can go his own way
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    City! Remember where we came from....

    Lost in the FA cup semi final yesterday, we older blues would have dreamed of that with some of the rubbish we watched for most of the 70s and 80s and 90s with a couple of exceptions No matter what happened in those day we always looked forward and hoped for the best....never in a million years...
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    A quick heads up to all blues getting the tube to Wembley they won’t let you on unless you have a pp mask on,ive just been charged £15 train fare and another £10 for a face mask!!! God knows how much a beer at the green man will be
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    Just parked up at Stanmore station car park nearly empty and plenty of room to park at the moment No blues seen on the way down( must be setting of later) also think they may be getting fed up of playing at Wembley 5 times a year
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    It’s not just football fans that detest Livapool http://is-a-****.com/2020/06/liverpool-fans-are-a-bunch-of-****s/
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    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (28/06/20)

    More like Amos from emmerdale
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