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    Media coverage 2018/19

    A quality view on what City have achieved from US media, much needed after BS "football is ruined" narratives post FA cup final
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    City lacks an advocate sitting on the board, huge difference it seems!
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    The actual corruption is plainly stated in the final 2 paragraphs of the Times article, where Panja notes the PSG chairman is on the UEFA board, and his BEIN Sports is the biggest rights bidder for UEFA. Hence PSG (who had the same the "inflation of sponsorships" years back but at exorbitant...
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    He is unbearable on ESPN, he was the Rag blogger previously there but got upgraded to "Senior Writer" and still spouts horrible pro-Manure/anti-City trash generally
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    Europa League Semi Finals - April 28th

    yes you beautiful yellow sub! Denis learned that touch at City...
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    Europa League - Quarter Finals - 7th & 14th April (Karaoke 2nd Leg, Page 25)

    yeah sorry just late catching up on this thread. At least that makes the spectre of nil-nil through 210 minutes in the semis a virtual impossibility!! I appreciate great defending but can do without turgid stalemates...
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    Pep Out

    I wouldn't call Otamendi trash, but seriously he screws up more in one game than Pique does in a month. Pique has calm, something that most all of our CBs could use.
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    Player Topic: Raheem Sterling (2015/16)

    Maybe you are thinking of Alexis' season in 2010-11 when he was 22 (his last year at Udinese before Barca signed him), but his season of 2009-10 when he was 20-21 (Dec birthday like Raheem), he scored 6 in 36 games in all comps. Sterling has already scored 150% of that goal tally by early December!
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    Monchengladbach post match (top of the group)

    Just a superb performance in the 2nd half, thrilling to see City's relentless work pay off, BMG def wore down with the continued pressure and likely the exertions from the Bayern match too. What an amazing birthday for Sterling, hope he celebrates mightily but skips the shisha! On the media bias...
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    Champions League Games 8th & 9th /3 (page 16)

    very unconvincing penalty attempt by Dzeko, lucky to even win the penalty, Roma having a mare all through
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    Sevilla v City post match thread

    Giddy from that display and getting ahead of things, but play wisely and with the motors charged up like tonight in Turin, snag a win and then City could play Willy at #10 and Navas in goal on the last matchday!!!
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    Sevilla v City post match thread

    Stellar tactical setup by Pellegrini, immense performance from all, especially the Ferns, Sterling and Sagna. Yaya was superb too, the setup seemed to stoke his motor in some fashion, really was up for it. I love Silva like no other but I wonder if his ball retention tendencies and slower pacing...
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    The Derby Post Match Thread

    Yeesh glad to get a point after a pretty miserable display, we were awful in possession and KDB has to take a fair amount of blame for that. I just wish he could play for some ball retention occasionally like Silva, just corral a pass a hold the ball and look for a moment, I know it is not his...