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    January signing

    City have to bring in Ake in January, brilliant ball playing defender who also chips in with goals,would be great with laporte, also need a goalscorer.....let's go for vardy, I would have Vardy allday over Jesus, and let's get a quality LB in.
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    Anyone know the guy in the Family Stand who berates early leavers?

    Hi,don't know if it's the same guy but i was walking out Saturday 92nd minute and this bloke flips going mental, normally i would not have bothered but i had my lad who was 11 and i thought who the fuck are you shouting at and i caused a bit of a scene of which I was so embarrassed about,acting...
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    Anyone know the guy in the Family Stand who berates early leavers?

    Exactly my point on the original post, people can do wtf they want,if they leave after 10 mins or stay to the end it has fuck all to do with anyone else, I was leaving last Saturday on 92 mins and some dickhead was screaming at me and my 11 year old,and ok perhaps in that moment i shouldn't have...
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    Anyone know the guy in the Family Stand who berates early leavers?

    People can leave when they want,don't need knobheads telling them when they can leave.
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    Anyone know the guy in the Family Stand who berates early leavers?

    Anyone know the knob who sits in 235 family stand screaming at anyone who goes early,incident occurred Saturday.
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    Why we will win the league!

    Listen mate pep isn't really giving off any confident vibes,slumped in his chair throwing water bottles, Newcastle was massive and the players bottled it,not a chance in hell am i as confident as you,
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    What as a city fan annoys you the most?

    The stupid idiots that are supposedly "entertainment " around city square and that plant pot with the Mic at HT, get rid of them doughnuts.
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    Man of the Match - Newcastle (a)

    When will people realise sterling is shit ,he should have buried one but instead he thought it would be better to open his legs and let the ball go through ,his final ball is crap,we got lucky with the first goal as he actually shot which was heading for the corner flag but took a massive...
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    Everton away

    Anyone know when this fixture will get pencilled in .
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    Benidorm to Villareal game day

    royton massive?? you prick you would run a fuckin mile if it kicked off,pricks like you should keep your fuckin mouth shut
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    SWAP - 2 Villareal wanted can swap for 1 united away + cash

    hi mate iam interested in the swap,you say plus cash whats the cash offer for 2 as i already have a derby ticket?
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    jam em!!

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    West Brom vs City - Official Match Thread

    hart boatang kolo kompany kolarov johnson dejong milner silva balotelli tevez gareth barry is complete garbage FACT
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    Mansour casts gaze on Mourinho

    Listen i think whats more important is that mancini has to go,iam not one for changing managers but the guys spent over 150 million and hes not bought one world class player,we are one of the worse teams to watch,theres no way the owners are going to keep giving him money to watch that...
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