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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Seem he been watching old Francis Lee videos Same technique..
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    Fulham (H) Post Match Thread

    Pearce will luv that, the only 1 thing in common with Pep as a manager.
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    Holiday inn central park

    Ok nice one P.C Does she still live there,asking for a mate obviously.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    700 game for Pep
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    Road rage

    Was just trying to find the article on that crash on a motorway years back, Were 1 car caused devastation with a massive pile up and deaths,for driving dangerously or in normal language like a fking dick, Yet he survived by the way he was driving the destruction was all behind him,never ever...
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    Fulham (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    May god strike you down as my old granny use to say...
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    Road rage

    Seriously,this is why I cant get my head around these types of behaviour. If they think this is a natural behaviour and safe way off driving. 1st..they should be banned for fking life.. 2nd..they should be in a nut house for fking life.. The consequence that can occur from there stupidity can...
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    Rugby League thread

    Went out with a girl from there and worked with guys,they leaned more to Manchester than scouse land
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    Holiday inn central park

    Ok thanks mate, I no it's not the best area,but a piece of mind the vehicle will be ok..
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    Road rage

    because the joiners don’t I would add all trades to that As for the 3lanes shit that does piss me off..and fking dangerous.
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    Road rage

    RR are the c.nts who blind you
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    Holiday inn central park

    Hi all, Anyone stayed here,been usually stay at mates or ex gf when up for the games, But circumstances not available over the xmas, More about the parking situation is it secured(safety)than the hotel its self, Doesn't mention anything on their website..
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    #SOO Save Our Olé Season II Current Goal 12/12/20

    Edinson Cavani: Ole Gunner Solskjaer says players should be given diversity training Cant see this improving pogba and the be fair...
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    Last Film You Saw

    Yeah but its doesn't affect the watch mate..stick with it,
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    The photos thread

    Is that on the curry mile..
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