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    Pitch invasion

    More chose not to go on the pitch than did. I am old enough to remember why fences were brought in and why they were then banned. We don't want to go back to those dark days. I am personally not against pitch invasions but there were far too many fans on the pitch and you have to give the...
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    Most pain you've been in

    Dislocated shoulder
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    Aston Villa (h) May 22

    I just need one. I have a supporter number and ST holder.
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    Aston Villa (h) May 22

    I need one for Villa if you know anybody with one. I have a supporter to transfer to. Please PM me.
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    West Ham away tickets

    Still looking for one spare for West Ham. Please PM me if you have one, cheers.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    We need to reduce the top tiers further but make sure there are enough fans to fill tiers 1 and 2 every game at the price point the club needs. How much should the cheapest tickets be to get the working people back to the club? I pay nearly £2k for 2 season tickets. Over the season another £1.5k...
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    33 years ago today.....

    Scott Sellars destroyed Tags, it was an awful game and the news at half-time was sickening. I was 23, already a season ticket veteran of 7 seasons and was going to most of the away games. Away games of course were different back then and Hillsborough and their Police were as bad as anywhere.
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    PCP or PCH car leasing?

    I bought a 12 month old Audi on AudiFinance Lease with a £5k deposit last year. It was deepest lockdown my old car was 15 years old and many things were wrong with. I got a good deal but have I done the right thing? Will I end up haveing to find another deposit? Will it hold its value? How will...
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    That 34 Year Banner Mocking Us at The Swamp.

    Well said, as a group of people the Rags are such arrogant horrible pricks. We should not try and emulate them.
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    CFG | Academy | EDS in & out season 2021/22

    Any news on Luke Bolton? He is 22 now and I have not heard about him leave or even playing. Is he injured?
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    I am worried because there are 1000's of young families with little cash who would have taken those tickets if there was a way of easily passing them on.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    I really hope so, hopefully, a mixture of Vaccines, immunity, hands, face, space and many thousands of vulnerable dead means we are slowly moving to the other side. I expect more variants and more boosters but less and less deaths. Sometime in the future the pandemic will be downgraded to level...
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    COVID Data Thread

    Is it levelling out or are we not testing enough people because millions have it with no symptoms because they have been vaccinated 3 times.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    My 21-year-old son who lives and works in Cardiff has just phoned he has tested positive. He was travelling back home tomorrow and going to the game with me on Boxing Day. He is going for a PCR test tomorrow and hopefully will test negative. If not he will have to isolate on his own for 10 days...
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    Gary Caldwell, new loan team coach / leaves to join Hibs (p3)

    Sergio could do this job and attend all games in one of the hospitality suites
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