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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    A Villa fan on Twitter was giving Sam Lee some shit for saying Grealish was close to signing for us and said he would only believe if someone reputable like Romano confirmed it :)
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    Return of Supporters

    Tickets downloaded and questionnaire filled in but now I note the NHS track and trace requirement. Not sure if this has already been asked but my iPhone is an older version and I can't download the track and trace app. I've messaged customer services but does anyone know if this will cause me...
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    Return of Supporters

    Cheers, sorted now
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    Return of Supporters

    Same for me
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    Email from our CEO

    It was going well until I read DNA and suddenly thought it was written by Noddy from our neighbours across the road and stopped reading.
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    United thread 2020/21

    4.4 miles according to google maps
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    Is the England national team good or bad for City players?

    Which consists of watching videos of Pep's City tactics and trying to replicate it.
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    Women's Team 2020/21

    Its on the BBC Red button or the FA Player
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    Players made scapegoats and unfairly treated by fans

    Watching Footballs Darkest Secret documentary I was surprised to hear David White saying how he tried to drown out the boos when his name was read out as they ran on the pitch. Memories fade over the years but I don't remember Whitey being a target for the boo boys even though his form did...
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    Neville Kneville

    Very sad news RIP Blue.
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    Momentous Events from the year you were born

    We won the World Cup
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    City 1993 - only just over a generation ago

    Enjoyed watching that especially with the benefit of hindsight of what happened when Francis Lee did eventually takeover from Swales. Makes you even more appreciative of how the club has changed and the success since the takeover.
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    Man of the Match Newcastle Utd PL (H)

    Without a doubt Cancelo tonight but also decent games for Gundo, Ake and Sterling
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Newcastle (26/12/20)

    Ffs what's Gundo doing up there he's supposed to be in a DM pivot
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    I was an eleven year old kid so probably didn't appreciate the emotion when Colin appeared at half time but remember the noise was deafening and the team being inspired in the second half scoring four as you say. I have often searched for footage of the game but have never been able to find any.
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