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    Bluemoon Predictor Euro 2020

    Final hours to join for any others who want to have a go at guessing the scores.
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    Bluemoon Predictor Euro 2020

    Join Bluemoon, my Euros Predictor league on @Superbru! You can find my pool here: or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code: tensaden If anyone is interested in joining, you are welcome to play...
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    Predictor league 20/21

    Congratulations to @swannyctid1. Well done to all the other participants too.
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    Predictor league 20/21

    Sorry to bump. Anybody interested? @Rammy Blue usually set these up.
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    Predictor league 20/21

    It seems that I Know The Score are no longer running their predictor. I have set one up on Superbru if anyone fancies it. Join Bluemoon, my Premier League Predictor league on @Superbru! You can find my pool here: or by...
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    Extra game in the league cup

    I was confused by this too lol.
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    American football stars supporting City

    Three-peat. Meaning 3 in a row.
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    joke thread....

    An old man asked Stevie Wonder to play a jazz cord at his concert. When Stevie played a simple jazz cord, the old man said "No Stevie, A JAZZ CHORD." Stevie Wonder in amusement at his music knowledge played a more complex jazz chord. At the end of it he was met with the same answer as before...
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    The Ryder Cup

    I thought he was just doing it in jest. Sort of playing on his bad boy persona.
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    Talksport Predictor bluemoon mini league 17/18.....

    Click on the mini-league tab, then use invitation code to join the Bluemoon league. Use the predictions tab to guess the scores. Think i finished 1st last season :), apologies if i've got that wrong.
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    Welcome Kyle Walker

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    United 2016/17

    For all those who don't know what a dab is, please welcome Professor Shingard...
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