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    Today's shooting in America thread

    Offer some prayers. That usually helps...... (Or they could actually do something)
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    10 years ago today....

    It'd be fitting that ten years of success ends with us winning every trophy we are in for this season.
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    10 years ago today....

    Just come up on my Facebook memories. The shot if mario being dragged about but not giving the slightest fuck us the best photo of all time. As you say, this is the day the tide turned. Ten years though. Crazy. I wish I was that age now!
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    Europa League Games 15th April

    If he wasn't dead, I'd expect that keeper to peel off his mask and reveal himself as one Jeremy Beadle. This is the worst keeper I've ever seen.
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Post-Match Thread

    Just thinking about Merlin sat at home with his family watching that last night, and the pride he would have felt watching Foden.
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    In fairness, talksport have covered it quite a bit this morning. Journo on before saying Klopp said if anything like us v our bus happened again, he'd consider his position at the club. They've taken a hammering, and rightly so.
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    City’s New Kits - 2021/22

    I hope that doesn't happen. That would look cheap and pretty much god-awful.
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    CL SF Draw | Paris Saint-Germain | (A) Wed 28/04 - (H) Tue 04/05

    Hadn't realised we are away first. That is perfect in my book. Fixture dates beneficial too. I am already planning my BBQ for 29/5. Bollocks to caution. We will be there.
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    CL SF Draw | Paris Saint-Germain | (A) Wed 28/04 - (H) Tue 04/05

    The trick against these is to score early and drain their attitude. The stereotypical set of star players rather than a team. Drain them early and their bottom lip will go, as will their attitude to the game. We are a team, and we have the mentality to fight even if we are on the backfoot. Get...
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    They're getting a good pasting by Brazil and McCoist this morning over the coach incident. The Chelsea fans of course..
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    VAR - 2020/21

    I now like VAR. It's been our friend this tie.
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    Pep and Klopp's strategies

    Fuck Klopp and his silly tombstone teeth.
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    Jude Bellingham (aged 17) ;-)

    Looking at who we have tied down to 2025, imagine if we got Haaland this summer and this kid next summer? Bellingham would absolutely fit into this team if ours.
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    Woke up in the finest of moods. A daily check on RAWK has me gliding across the floor. Ecstatic. What a bitter set of bastards they are, and I indulge in their hatred of us.
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    How do you cope with nerves during a big game at home

    Today has been bad. Working from half 8. Finish at 5. Walk. Wine open at half 6. I'm now in bed with more wine knowing we have to do it again on 3 days, and his tight the CL schedule is. But fuck me do I love it
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