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    The ITK Discussion Thread [Merged]

    Re: Just this minute............. Can't understand this one myself, if this is the problem he is not going to get it next year as he will be out of contract and not sure he is going to get better wages even on a free transfer.
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    The ITK Discussion Thread [Merged]

    Re: Just this minute............. I have an Idea, why don't we all attack all the ITK's and drive them off the site, WOW it would be really fun on here then. Just think of all the talking points.......oh yeh thats right we could just read the papers for that. FFS get a grip, its like a TV...
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    John Terry signs for Yeovil Town

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    How times have changed

    didn't get one from prison either lol
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    I know for a fact that city are signing Peter Crouch

    Or he is just trying to increase his posts for an argument in a thread is the best way lol
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    Sounds to me like his agent is trying to inflate his wages, seems like the trend at the moment.
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    I know for a fact that city are signing Peter Crouch

    Seems like somebody is getting a little hot under the collar lol
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    Joe Hart...the end ???

    Its like being a teen all over again this lmao Its a statement fella don't take it to "hart" However being called a Rag is serious lol
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    Joe Hart...the end ???

    Why would I be a rag?
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    Some more info.( update page 47 )

    Re: Some more info................... Thanks for the info, time will tell but you were spot on about RSC and taylor (this one was out of the blue)
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    Joe Hart...the end ???

    Are you on drugs??? Hughes has stated he rates him highly and being a world cup year he needs first team football and he will be better for the experiance. Get ya head out of your breakfast.
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    Top 50 Premiership Transfers

    Ricardo Quaresma 9/10 Are they having a laugh, did he get more than 5 mins on the pitch.
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    Ja, German defender!!

    Think we could find away, Westermann is huge lol
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    Ja, German defender!!

    Shows how things have changed if poor sweep can't get in the line up any more :o/
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    Sturridge Gone

    He should try staying injury free to get into any team never mind Chelsea or anybody else.
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