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    Premier League games 16/17/18 January

    did they have one for his dad's dog?
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    Premier League games 16/17/18 January

    Has Tyler creamed himself yet?
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    Simon Rattle - British Conductor

    Yeah the fat shite
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    joke thread....

    if i got a fiver every time i failed a maths exam, I'd have about £8.30
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    UK ‘Special Forces’

    I know another one but this one is funny. So growing up there was this lad my age who everyone on the estate fuckin hated. The lad always use to brag that his dad was a Mi5 agent and if we did anything he'd get his dad to batter us. Months later my mum takes me and my brother to toys r us to...
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    UK ‘Special Forces’

    I had a mate who was in the sas and later he went onto work for the government. This was like 15 years ago 2 people who I presume worked for the government came round my house to interview me and ask me questions on what he was like personality wise etc...before he was accepted.
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    Players names used in everyday phrases

    That's Derek fazackerley why Sterling should be nowhere near penalties
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    Rúben Dias - 2020/21 Performances

    Yeah loved that. Heard like he was saying "Well done you!!" "Well done you!!"
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    Chess on the moon

    Ermmm I'll think you'll find he was
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

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    “The work of God”?

    'mahatma gandhi 1869 - 1948'
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    “The work of God”?

    Yeah but its very rare. and of course you're right, if I was born in the middle East or another country where religion dictates most walks of life, then yeah I'd most likely grow up to be religious and so would most people. Like if I was born in 1920s Germany, I would probably be a fascist is...
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