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    Scoop 6 - Week 7

    Six Feet Under Protektorat Tout EST Permis Larry Cary's Commodity Navajo Pass The best of luck to all
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    Scoop 6 - Week 6

    Oddfellows = 45 EnzoMcfc =35 LWashington = 35 leighton = 30 Pablo123 = 25 Tonea2003 = 5
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    Scoop 6 - Week 6

    1.15 Somptueux 1.50 Masters Legacy 2.05 Good Boy Bobby 3.00 Ontheropes 3.15 Sceau Royal 3.35 Eclair DAinay The best of luck to all will update the table tonight.
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    Scoop 6 Week 5

    Defi Du Seuil If The Cap Fits Buzz A Plus Yard Sky Pirate Strictlyadancer.
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    Scoop 6 Week 4

    Dostal Phil Ballymillsy Exalted Angel Pyramid Place Felix Signal Point
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    Scoop 6 Week 4

    Tote have just released the Scoop6 races for this Saturday, 13th November. They are: – Leg 1 - 2:15 Cheltenham Leg 2 - 2:50 Cheltenham Leg 3 - 3:05 Lingfield Leg 4 - 3:25 Cheltenham Leg 5 - 3:40 Lingfield Leg 6 - 3:55 Cheltenham (Please mention if re-posting these details) The...
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    The Boxing thread

    Hes good Canelo people will always question his legacy 2 failed drugs tests will do that for you. A bit like Manny was in the past. I want him in with Charlo or Andrade if he is willing to drop down i know he wont fight GGG and I think GGG will call it a day sooner rather than later sadly.
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    Scoop 6 Week 3

    1.08 The Worlds End 1.25 Boosala 2.15 The West Awakes 2.25 Une De La Seniere 2.40 Hms President 3.00 Innisfree Lad The best of luck to all and City in the derby.
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    Are we clearly suffering from a lack of striker this season? Have midtable sides figured us out?

    We do have a striker but he gets played out on the right wing. We need to give Jesus a run up front. If Sterling or Mahrez had solid form hell I will even add Grealish to that list we would be playing Jesus up there now. There's a load of this squad not doing it yet. A bit like last season then...
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    Scoop 6 week 2

    1.20 wetherby 2.10 Ascot 2.30 wetherby 2.45 Ascot 3.20 Ascot 3.40 Wetherby The best of luck to all 1.20 Sizing At Midnight 2.10 Get Your Own 2.30 Paisley Park 2.45 One For Rosie 3.20 Benny's King 3.40 Haafapiece
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    Scoop 6 - 23rd October

    Small Bad Bob The Hollow Ginge Luxembourg Sky Pirate Push The Tempo Lahore The best of luck to all.
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    Gavin Bazunu

    Bazunu will be gone sooner than we all think. IF he doesnt get a good standard loan what he is doing at International level just now will get a number of clubs looking at him. He has been playing a good number of games the past 2 seasons which is always good for a young keeper. Always thought...
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    The Boxing thread

    Some good fights last night. Loved the main event from the American card last night a really good fight well worth a look. The American fights are going to be taking a step up in class next weeks card Jamel Herring v Shakur Stevenson with Alis grandson on the undercard and some of the American...
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    Scoop 6 Week 25

    Lwashiington = 145 Scoop 6 Flat Racing Champion 21 Oddfellows = 140 leighton - 110 Pablo123 = 100 EnzoMCFC = 60 Tonea2003 = 40 Paulpowersleftfoot = 20 Brisblu =20 Well done to Lwashington on holding on a bit like Oisin Murphy in the jockeys championship Oddfellows just couldnt get back on...
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    Scoop 6 Week 25

    Last week of the flat updated table at the end of the day. 1.25 Stradivarius 2.00 Gustavus Weston E/W 2.35 Snowfall 3.10 Baaeed 3.50 Bolshi Ballet E/W 4.30 Matthew Flinders E/W
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