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    New song for Zinchenko

    Our left back is Ukranian He’s blond he’s brave he’s a citizen He made Neymar look fucking shit His missus is very fit Paris turned to panic Playing in the sleet We turned to Oleks We’re dancing in the streets Yada, Yada, Yada, yada Hey, hey, hey, hey Oleks Zinchenkoooo
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    A Plane Banner?

    So near yet so far away
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    New song for Zinchenko

    To the tune of IDLES: Danny Nedelko. Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Oleks Zinchenko oh You can even spell it out like the song. Listen to the original song first.
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    Message from a Sunderland fan

    One of my favourite games at Maine Road was City V Sunderland in 1973 in the cup The atmosphere was incredible that day. Didn’t enjoy the replay as much though.
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    A Plane Banner?

    So close yet so far away
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    Remember these T shirts?

    I’d be surprised if the deaf punk lad is still alive I used to see him as part of my work and as I recall he had an underlying health condition and as you can imagine wasn’t the best with taking his medication regularly. Had an interesting afternoon once looking for him on the Hulme crescents.
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    Greatest Opening Lyric Of Any Song

    I am an Antichrist
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    The Fall - BM's best of thread

    Cheers. I used to go around town with a big group of lads.We usually did a tour of Boddies pubs. We were near to Cox’s bar when I bumped into Mark who was with a girl. I asked him where he was going and he said to see The Sex Pistols and asked me if I wanted to go. A combination of him being...
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    The Fall - BM's best of thread

    I went to school with Mark, same year at school. I took them for granted most of the time. My days, I miss them and him lots. Well, I’ve got their legacy music and lyrics to put a smile on my face. I’m not good with tech. Could somebody put Sparta F.C. up for me please.
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    Champions League Semi-Final Draw | Paris Saint-Germain

    Hypothetically, would we be at home in the second leg of a semi final?
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    Home Video of life as a City Fan? Request for footage...

    I’ve got a video from the last match before the Kippax closed also had it transferred to disc.
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    Brighton Tickets

    It's my 50th. year of watching City, it would be nice to round it off with a ticket for Brighton. I'm on the train tomorrow morning and staying over. Can meet u anywhere in Brighton.
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    City launch crowd surfer flag competition

    As Pep's birthplace was Santpedor, how about : Thank you Santpedor for lending us your son.
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    FA Cup Semi Final draw - Brighton

    If there is , heaven forbid , an empty block at Wembley can we not use it to then position some of our fans there to spell something out, like Fuck the F.A.
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    Spurs (a) CL QF

    After one ticket. Able to pick up at games on Wed or Sat!
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