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    City fans writing John Stones off too early?

    It may be worth giving him a chance especially if there are no takers in a turbulent market. I just think Peps gone off him and generally that means the end but if he gets stuck in and shows he can still do it, maybe he can be useful.
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    Why can’t we produce a decent striker?

    Problem is your asking a player in that position to be good enough to score goals on a regular basis for a top 4 premiership side and top 10 European and that's a tough ask. It's a bit easier in other positions because the standards got to be there but theres support from others to assist. We...
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    Who will be our centre backs this season?

    Depends on what happens re Garcia. I dont think the club have given up on Toisin but we dont want to get unbalanced re left footed and right footed
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    Who will be our centre backs this season?

    Not far off but unless we have no takers, Stones wont be involved. It doesn't look like our plans involve him Happy with the rest though
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    Jadon Sancho

    Too be fair how do we do know that Sancho is a better player than Torres. I accept the market thinks so but I have no idea which will will fit into the respective team etc. All I know is it appears we have done good business.
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    Confirmed: Ferran Torres signs 5 year contract

    Very professionally done and clearly we have been looking at him a while. Also interesting comparing this to the hulabalu over Sancho and what our neighbourscare paying. Whilst accepting they aren't like for like players, I suspect the value we are getting far exceeds theirs and they are also...
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    Nathan Ake

    Ake getting criticised before he has even signed but as always we have to trust the management who too be fair get it right more often than not. Ultimately Peps thrown his teddy re Stones so we are trying somebody different. I am pretty sure he wont be worse than Stones so as long as we get a...
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    I just watched SS waiting to be displeased and in the end nothing happened really. Highly harmless this morning.
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    A MUST read from Martin Samuel

    The whole things barmy. Good luck to Wolves or anyone else looking at breaking into the elite. All the better. We cant say anything else really. Wolves know they ain't far away from breaking in and havent done it without investment. Remember they nearly went bust a few years ago. Nobody wants...
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    A MUST read from Martin Samuel

    Oh they all see it okay okay What can they say. Klopp spouted and then claimed he didnt know enough about it. With the greatest respect dont say anything then lol Meanwhile Jose cant say he hasn't benefitted from exactly the same investment. Samuel's is a very clever journalist. He knows...
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    A MUST read from Martin Samuel

    A quick Samuel's double. This is better than the first one lol All true, all well researched.
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    Will the hatred finally fire up our fans?

    The ironic thing is that if we had lost, we would have been expected to take it on the chin and accept it and too be fair that's probably what would have happened. In this instance the vitriol surrounding our win is full of such jealousy and bizarre behaviour that's its bound only to make the...
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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media

    Sorry you dont know anything about it
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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media

    And then if your Klopp, carryvon by saying you do know anything about it lol
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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media

    I never have a problem with people having opinions but I do like them to be backed up with a bit of thought or/and knowledge. None of that applies here and it doesn't apply to the vast majority of the press and certain managers lol
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