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    Seasoncard Amnesty

    Listen, it won't be long before we have compulsory barcodes tattooed to our foreheads anyway, so fans entering the ground will be rapid and resemble tins of beans being swept through an Aldi checkout.
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Clive Myrie just said with an ironic grin on BBC News that Manchester City have beaten Real Madrid in an 'empty' Etihad Stadium.
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    Sterling | 100 goals - Where will he finish?

    Where will he finish?, more like When will he finish? In between moments and goals of incredible quality we still get finishing on a par with my missus that just cannot be sensibly explained. Couple that with a reluctance to shoot first time and the desire to dribble or take a touch means that...
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    Completely agree, I'm just watching Leicester pass Spurs to death, whilst Spurs murder them on the break. ALL sporting success has always been based on exploiting space at speed. Tennis, Rugby, Boxing, absolutely everything! For us to continue with this ponderous side to side nonsense whilst...
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    How the fuck can a team that outscores every other team year in year out, be so fucking clueless at even getting a shot on goal? What's the point of side to side passing in front of a brick wall defence completed by the occasional cross to a dwarf size forward line. I mean it's just shocking to...
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    The death of VAR

    My 2 penneth, and I'm yet to find anyone who cannot see the positives, is to scrap offside and do away with penalties in gameplay. All fouls result in a direct free kick from wherever it occurs. Fouls or handballs that stop the ball entering the goal, like Suarez in World Cup v Ghana, result in...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Well over 4400 pages and I think this could be my first input. My thoughts are 'Who gives a fuck what the result is!' Seriously this club has existed longer than any of us has been alive and will still be here after we are all dead. In that time we've been crap, average and good, and whatever...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    I said this when they banned us, we should immediately withdraw and not partake EVER again. This pathetic dance to try to get in their good books, so to speak, is as humiliating as trying to force your wife to reconciliation after receiving divorce papers from her lawyer. In short, they hate us...
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    Will you renew?

    No I was already sick to death of shit K.O. times and a long commute, then came VAR and with it came the realisation that match attending fans count for fuck all. This was followed by the clamour to play games without fans and absolutely confirm we count for fuck all. The final nail was this...
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    Liverpool (H) Pre-Match Thread | 02/07/2020 | 8:15pm KO

    Not really because ultimately we are not in control of that outcome and it depends on other results. If this was the last game to stop them, then yes I agree, but it isn't, the players know the league is a treading water exercise and frankly I hope the Liverpool players feel the same.
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    Liverpool (H) Pre-Match Thread | 02/07/2020 | 8:15pm KO

    This is possibly the 1st irrelevant league game we've played for over 3 years. 17/18 we were chasing to 100 points until the last day, 18/19 we were holding off Liverpool until the last game, and if we had won at Chelsea there would still be something on this however far fetched and remote...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    He'd make a better left back than Mendy but so would my dead mother come to think of it!
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    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (28/06/20)

    Just what does Pep see in Mendy? It's just beyond reason.
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    Newcastle (a) Pre-match Thread FA Cup

    As long as Mendy is not selected then we stand a good chance. He's that shite I'd even play Scott Carson at left back. In fact he's that bad I'd even risk Frank Carson or play with 10 men before letting him anywhere near our team ever again.